Customize your EMIs with Tata Capital's Flexi EMI Loans

Tata Capital announces a unique proposition to help customers customize their loans according to their needs


March 24, Mumbai: Tata Capital, the financial services arm of the Tata Group, today announced the launch of its new product offering - Flexi EMI Loans, a unique proposition that offers customers the choice of customizing their EMI repayment options, as per their convenience. This form of structured loans will be available to borrowers across flagship retail products from Tata Capital like Home Loans, Business Loans, Car Loans and Personal Loans which are extended by subsidiaries of Tata Capital Limited. With the introduction of this product, Tata Capital aims to strengthen its focus on customer centricity by providing the consumers a degree of flexibility and customization.


Commenting on the launch, Mr. Govind Sankaranarayanan, Chief Operating Officer - Retail Business & Housing Finance, Tata Capital Financial Services Limited said, "Tata Capital's retail business continues to be a key focus area for the Company. With Tata Capital Flexi EMI loans our attempt is to provide an additional benefit to the customer, across our key retail loans. All customers have their own individual financial needs and circumstances and Tata Capital Flexi EMI Loans help them plan their EMI repayment schedule in a convenient way through a range of flexible repayment plans."


The Flexi EMI plans will offer multiple repayment options such as - Step up, Step down, Bullet and Ballooning EMI plans. For home loans, the tenure of the loan could range from 1 to 30 years for salaried professionals and 1 to 20 years for other customers.


Tata Capital is the first NBFC to leverage this unique offering across multiple products to benefit the customers. By highlighting the competitive interest rates, payment flexibility, fee structures and hassle-free processing, Tata Capital aims to provide innovative and cutting edge solutions in financial services that keep the customers' interests at the center.


Highlights of the Flexi EMI Loans:

  • Step up: This plan allows you to increase your fixed monthly EMIs every year to match the increase in your annual income. This gradual annual increase helps you repay your loan without taxing you financially.
  • Step down: This plan allows you to start repaying your loan with a higher EMI and lower it year after year. Meaning you can repay faster and save up on finance costs.
  • Bullet: This plan allows you to prepay your loan in parts at periodic intervals. These periodic payments will help lower your installments considerably. Moreover, no charges will be levied on your prepayments.
  • Ballooning: This plan allows you to pay small installments during the tenure of your loan in return for a lump sum repayment at the end of your tenure.

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