Alternate Investment Funds & Structured Products


Anything alternate to traditional form of investments (Mutual funds, PMS etc) gets categorized as alternative investments and falls under Alternative investment fund category. The definition of AIFs includes Venture Capital Fund, hedge funds, private equity funds, commodity funds, Debt Funds, infrastructure funds, etc. AIFs offer excellent opportunity for large institutional investors, high net worth individuals and corporates looking for High Risk-High Return investment proposition.


Tata Capital has a collection of AIFs that gives the investor an opportunity to invest beyond the traditional form of investments.


AIF Name Category Prime Highlight of the Fund
Indiabulls Dual Advantage Commercial Asset Fund

AIF Category II

Commercial Real Estate Portfolio

A 5-year fund (extendable by 1+1 year) Purchase Property only in Tier-1 City and Grade A developers with Investment Caps : Single city(60%), Single developer (49%) and Single Project (25%), Buy/Hold , Re-Lease ,Regular Income & Exit at Appreciations .With option to pay Quarterly interest option.
Sundaram Alternative Opportunities Series - High Yield Secured Debt Fund (SDF)

AIF Category II

Structured Debt Portfolio of Residential Property

A 4-year fund (extendable by 1 year) 
Invest in Southern Region (Mumbai & Pune on case to case basis residential projects.With maximum exposure of 15 to 30 developers.All investments to be backed by securitised  monitisable Real Estate Asset, other tangible asset collateral plus related cash flow streams at the time of investment.
TCG Primario Fund II 

AIF Category III

Equity Investments

A 42 -month fund (extendable by 12 month)
Invest in value stocks through QIP, IPP, FPO, Bulk Deals, Pre IPO & IPO route and portfolio of 20 - 50 companies.


Structured Products are specific risk reward instruments created for Ultra HNI customers. The products are pre-packaged investment strategies based on derivatives such as equities, interest rates, currencies, commodities, etc. The value of the products depend on the value of the underlying stocks or indices. Tata Capital has a collection of plans that have been smartly designed to complement traditional investment alternatives.


The various strategies that we have worked on are:


1. Bull Market Strategy - providing higher participation in equity markets

2. Flat market strategy - to generate returns in range bound markets

3. Conservative strategy - targeting higher yield with measured participation in equity markets

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