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Tata AIG Mediprime


Keeping in mind rising medical costs and spurt of diseases buying a health insurance is mandatory. Get covered under Tata AIG Mediprime, and give yourself the peace of mind. Covering from Hospitalization expenses to Ayush Benefits, say goodbye to the financial crunch of medical expenses

Key Features

  • In-patient treatment including room rent, ICU, nursing, medicines drugs & consumables covered without any sub-limits.
  • Pre and Post Hospitalization medical expenses: Medical expenses incurred up to 30 days immediately before hospitalization and up to 60 days immediately post hospitalization.
  • Day Care Procedures: Covers medical expenses for 140 different day care treatments, which do not require 24 hours hospitalization
  • Domiciliary Treatment: Covers medical expenses incurred for availing medical treatment at home on the advice of the attending Medical Practitioner that would otherwise have required
  • Organ Donor: Covers Medical Expenses on harvesting the organ from the donor for organ transplantation.
  • Ayush Benefit: Covers medical expenses incurred for In-patient treatment taken under Ayurveda, Unani, Sidha or Homeopathy

Tata AIG Wellsurance executive policy


Trying to keep up with increasing work pressure can take toll on your health but keeping your unique requirements in mind, we offer a health insurance product, Tata AIG Wellsurance Executive Policy protects you all round with minimum fuss and maximum gains. 

Key Features

  • Hospitalization: Specified hospitalization benefit shall be provided if the insured person is hospitalized for the treatment of injury/sickness.
  • Value added service: Facilities like free health line, health portal, health query, discounted services for the health and wellness and e-newsletter will be provided to the insured where he will be able to interact with experts.
  • Post Hospitalization Expenses: Pays lumpsum amount after hospitalisation under following circumstances only

-  Post operative physiotherapy-eligibility: Minimum of 2 visits.

-  Chemotherapy and/or radiation-eligibility: Minimum of 3 visits. Payable once during the lifetime of the insured.

-  Kidney dialysis: Payable once during the lifetime of the insured

Tata AIG Wellsurance family policy


Want a single policy that covers your child’s education and your parents’ medical expenses too? We have it for you. Protect your whole family with Tata AIG Wellsurance Family Policy and stay relaxed. It’s single policy for everyone’s happiness.

Key Features

  • Intensive care unit benefit: Covers a daily benefit for each day you are an inpatient admitted in the intensive care unit in a hospital due to injury/sickness subject to any applicable deductible mentioned in your policy
  • Ease of hospitalization: When a family member is admitted to the hospital for an illness or injury, it covers a daily cash allowance for up to 90 days
  • Ambulance Charges: Covers medical transportation fees and services to and fro hospital
  • Value added service: Facilities like free health line, health portal, health query, discounted services for the health and wellness and e-newsletter will be provided to the insured where he will be able to interact with get access to various health articles and will be able to raise queries and get them answered by experts.

Tata AIG Wellsurance Woman policy


Don’t let your own health slip up while you carry the weight of the whole family on your shoulders. So, there is a plan that takes care of everything for you, from a simple illness to a critical emergency.

Key Features

  • Ambulance Charges: Pays upto the specified amount towards the medical transportation fees and services incurred for bringing the insured to the hospital following an accident and returning to the normal place of residence after being discharged from the hospital.
  • Cosmetic Reconstruction Surgery: Pays the specified amount if the surgery is conducted as a reconstructive procedure on structures of the body for the purpose of the restoring/improving bodily function or correcting significant deformity resulting from accidental injury
  • ICU charges for 15 days are included in the hospitalisation benefit. So, don’t stress about daily expenses when you’re admitted to the Intensive care