Housing Finance

Housing is one of the basic needs of every human being, which provides them shelter, security, amenities along with privacy. Good housing reflects the state of society that we live in and is imperative for the moral and social development of humans. A person can achieve his full potential in terms of evolving into a better person and society once the housing problem is solved.


The need for housing is an age-old phenomenon, so is the shortage of capital to buy the house that is just right for you. Earlier people used to wait and save money all their lives just to buy their dream home. Now Housing Finance schemes not only enable you to buy your dream house but also give you the joy to live in it as you would desire.


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What is Housing Finance ?

Housing Finance refers to the loans given by financial institutions to an individual or a group of individuals for buying or constructing a house that is meant for their accommodation or investment or to lease out or to construct and reside in the same house. When a person wants to buy a house for self-accommodation or for letting out to earn rental income or to invest in a second home or to renovate their home or extend or make new space in their existing home; Tata Capital Housing loans provide you with a fast and customized solution to cater your requirements.


A person can buy or renovate or extend their house without waiting for the time when he/she has saved enough money. In today¿s scenario, this may not be possible as the prices are so dynamic that by the time a person has saved for the house the gap in capital would still be massive. Thus, a housing finance from Tata Capital will help you buy the desired property while fixing the outflow of EMIs today.

Types of Housing Finance

  • Rural Finance Housing Scheme - Tata Capital provides smart and customized loans to agriculturalists for a value of up to 90% of their property at attractive interest rates. This loan can be availed for buying a new home or constructing a house on owned land or extension or renovation of your house.
  • Affordable Housing Finance - Tata Capital provides fast and easy loans for affordable housing for an amount up to 15 Lakhs at attractive interest rates.
  • Switching and Re-finance - You can switch your existing housing loan for the remaining tenure to Tata Capital, where we provide you with customized solutions at attractive interest rates while maintaining the highest quality of services. You can refinance your existing loan from another institution to Tata Capital, which will give you the benefit of an extended tenure, attractive interest rates and top up of the amount already paid.
  • Urban Housing Fund - The shortage of housing in urban areas has been grabbing the attention of the Government and the policy makers for a long time now. To diminish the housing shortage in urban areas, particularly among the lower and middle-income segments, a multi-branched approach, involving credit availability on feasible terms and affordable rates has been implemented time and again.

Housing finance can solve the following problems:

  • Availing a housing finance provides the following benefits:
  • Tax Saving (Under Section 80 C & 80 E)
  • No longer wait to buy the right house
  • Liquidity crunch
  • Right buy - endorsed by our legal team in terms of documentation
  • Living with dignity
  • Confidence Booster - when you own the desired home
  • Savings on rents - instead of paying rent, convert into EMI for loan repayment.
  • Benefit of opting Tata Capital Housing Finance Services

At Tata Capital, we provide you with the following benefits on a Home loan, which can be absolutely flexible for your needs.

  • Customized Solutions
  • Attractive Interest Rates
  • Higher Eligibility
  • Longer Tenures of up to 30 years
  • Speedy Disbursal
  • Property Advisor
  • Full Legal Evaluation ensuring peace of mind at your end
  • Option to choose from fixed or flexi EMI
  • Fast Processing
  • Multiple Application Channels (Branch, Online, Customer Service Executives etc.)
  • Full online access to your loan account
  • Post disbursement services
  • Doorstep Documentation & Disbursement

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Important Information

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