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Switch to the smarter loan

In the ever-changing milieu of real estate, with its spiraling prices and rapid developments, buying a home requires a lot more than your usual finance options. You need smart financing that adapts to your needs. Which is why, Tata Capital brings you the option to switch your home loan or refinance.


How it works

Refinancing allows you to end your original loan and create a new one with a better interest rate. This is favorable, especially if your existing home loan has a variable interest rate. By switching loans, you can opt for a lower and fixed rate, which means, you can save up on your disposable income. Even a reduction of 0.5% on your home loan can result in great savings every month!


Another benefit of refinancing is it allows you to reduce or increase your loan tenure, depending on your financial situation. So if you want to reduce the pressure of your monthly EMI payments, all you have to do is increase the tenure. On the other hand, if your income has increased and you can afford to pay off more than your current EMI amount then you can do so by decreasing the loan tenure. That way, you pay less towards the interest on your loan.



Your home loan is worth more than you think

If you have taken a home loan with us and need additional funds, we can help you out. We are offering a top-up loan, an add-on facility for our existing home loan customers like you, who require funds for personal or business use.


Topping-up benefit

With top-up loans, you get additional credit at the time of your need with minimum hassles. And, though, the interest rates for top-up loans are typically 1%-3% higher than the home loan rates, it is considerably lower than that of an expensive personal or business loan.


The top-up loan is treated as a separate loan. Here's how it works:

  • We provide the facility of top-up loans to existing customers who have completed six repayments or more, provided other credit policy norms are met.
  • Although, you have the freedom to use this money for any of your personal/business requirements, you will be required to state the purpose of this additional loan to ensure that the amount is not routed for any illegal/speculative activities.
  • We also provide flexible balance transfer + top-up options to customers, who are transferring their outstanding loans with other financial institutions/banks to us. Under this facility, you can avail top-up loans that amount to more than 100% of the outstanding balance transfer, provided the credit policy norms are met.


Before you plan to switch your home loan or refinance, please read our Switch Agreement and Contract here

Switch Agreement & Contract



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