Home Loan Eligibility and Documents

What is Home Loan Eligibility Criteria ?

At Tata Capital, we have eligibility criteria that can be easily met by borrowers. We classify borrowers based on their source of income. They can be

  • Salaried individuals working in reputable companies
  • Self-employed professionals
  • Self-employed non-professionals or businessmen
  • Borrowers should earn income sufficient to service the home loan they want to avail

The eligibility criteria for different class of borrowers in terms of age is

  • You should be above 24 years of age at the time of borrowing the loan
  • You should be below 65 years of age or superannuation (for salaried individuals) whichever is earlier at the time of maturity of the loan

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What documents are needed to avail for a Home Loan ?

We seek standard documents from you to process your home loan as per the following table

Document Salaried
Self Employed
Self Employed
Application Yes Yes Yes
Photograph Yes Yes Yes
Identity Proof Yes Yes Yes
Residence Proof Yes Yes Yes
Latest Salary Slip Yes No No
Form-16 Yes No No
6-month Bank Statement Yes Yes Yes
Education proof No Yes Yes
Business Existence No Yes Yes
Last 3-year ITR of individual No Yes Yes
Last 3-year ITR of profession No Yes Yes
Last 3-year P/L Statement No Yes Yes
Last 3-year Balance sheet No Yes Yes
Business profile No No Yes

How to Check Home Loan Eligibility ?

You can check your home loan eligibility by providing basic personal information about yourself, your profession, your business, your employment, your income, the loan amount you need and the tenure. You can follow the three steps here.

What is the maximum Home Loan you are eligible for ?

We provide you a home loan up to Rs 3 crore depending on your income profile. In special cases we can lend up to Rs 10 crore. However, all loans are subject to terms and conditions prevailing at the time of availing the loan.


Additionally, you can check out the interest rates offered on our home loan and EMI calculator to get an better estimate of your monthly payments.


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Important Information

Recently there have been cases of fraud being committed under the name of Tata Capital or Tata Finance. Customers are requested to read the attached advisory and be aware of misleading advertisements in the newspapers. Click here to read the advisory and be aware of misleading advertisements in the newspapers.

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