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As a Non Resident Indian (NRI), you can easily own a home in India with just a little help from us. Our NRI home loan services offer you finances right at the comfort of where you are based, in any part of the world. So that you can buy a home and invest in growing real estate market of your home country.

How does one take a Home Loan for NRI?

By following a few simple steps, you can buy a home in India from any corner of the world

  • Check your NRI Home Loan eligibility online
  • Select your loan amount and tenure
  • Submit your application & attach requisite documents
  • Get your funds into your account

What are the basic requirements in getting your loan approved?

To be eligible for our Home Loans for NRI, you have to be a Non Resident Indian and also meet some basic criteria. You should be in the age group of 24 and 65 (at the time of completion of the Home Renovation Loan). If you are a salaried individual, you should earn at least ₹ 30,000 per month and have a minimum of 3 years of experience.

Learn more about NRI Home Loan Eligibility and Documents for further details.

5 reasons why buying a home in India is a great idea for expats

Non Resident Indians have long gravitated towards buying homes in India. Whether it is buying a fully furnished apartment or building a house from the ground up, there are many incentives that makes India a “buyer’s market.” Here are five reasons why you shouldn’t hesitate when it comes to buying a home in your homeland.

Connect to your roots:

Having a home in India is a great way to stay connected to your roots. Everyone craves a sense of belonging and by having your own space in India, you will always have a place to call your own. This could also be a house that the whole family enjoys for generations to come.

Attractive price benefits:

A rapidly growing economy is an ideal place to make a real estate investment. Urbanisation has resulted in a boom in the housing market and the net value of homes continue to rise across the board. 

Renting benefits:

If you are an NRI, buying a house in India is a great way to generate additional rental income. After all, you can always rent the space to a loving family and set up a side income. You will continue to reap the benefits from having invested in your homeland for years to come.

A retirement plan:

Chances are you may wish to return to India in your twilight years to reconnect with your homeland. Having a property in your home country to welcome you back will turn that fantasy a reality. Thus, you will never have to worry about what you will do post retirement.

Easy financing:

It is now very easy to get the funds to buy a new home in India thanks to our NRI Home Loans. We offer great convenience and let you customise your loan around your needs. Our competitive home loan interest rates make owning a house in India much more affordable. 

Features and Advantages

Attractive interest rates

You get the choice to opt for floating or fixed interest rates when it comes to your monthly EMI. If you have opted for floating interest rate, your EMI reduces in case the base rates move in a favourable direction. 

Loan Amount

You can invest in your home as we offer a Home Loans for NRI ranging from Rs 2 lakhs to Rs 10 crores. 

Flexible Tenure

You get to choose how you want to repay us and how long you will take to do so. You can take up to 120 months to repay the loan.

Customized Loan Options

Our loan advisors are experts in their field and always ready to help. They will help you tailor loan options that best suit your needs. 

Quick and Easy Processing

Owning a home through the Home Loan for NRI is simple and convenient. There is little paperwork and you can do everything online. It really is that easy. 

Interest Rates

Our NRI Home Loan interest rates that start at 10.99% are competitive amongst the other players in the industry. However, it ultimately depends on home loan eligibility, income and other criteria to determine the interest rates for the loan offered.

How much EMI do you need to pay?

Equated Monthly Instalment (EMI) depends on the principal loan amount, the interest rate charged and the period for which the NRI Home Loan is taken.

You can choose your EMI amount that is comfortable to you by using the NRI Home Loan EMI calculator. 

How can you repay your Home Loan for NRI?

You can decide how you want to repay the home loan. For a fixed amount of EMI, you can choose the tenure that is comfortable to you. The longer the tenure, lower will be the EMI. You can also prepay your NRI Home Loan after meeting defined terms and conditions.  You can pay your loan through auto debit or ECS facility. In exceptional cases, you can also opt for post-dated cheque payment facility.

Eligibility and Documentation

To be eligible for our Home Loan for NRI, you have to meet a few basic criteria. You should be in the age group of 24 and 65 (at the time of completion of the Home Loan for NRI). If you are a salaried individual, you should earn at least ₹ 30,000 per month and have a minimum of 3 years of experience.


We only need some basic documents to process your Home Loan for NRI. Here’s a handy guide to keep in min. 

Document Salaried
Application Yes
Photograph Yes
Identity Proof Yes
Residence Proof Yes
Latest Salary Slip Yes
Form-16 Yes
6-month Bank Statement Yes
Education Proof No
Business Existence No
Last 3-year ITR of Individual No
Last 3-year ITR of Profession No
Last 3-year P/L Statement No
Last 3-year Balance Sheet No
Business Profile No

Checking your eligibility

You have to meet some basic conditions to get Home Loans for NRI. At Tata Capital, we believe in extending a loan with minimal paperwork, competitive interest rate and flexi EMI repayment options.

What’s the maximum amount of Home Loans for NRI you can avail?

The maximum amount will depend on your needs and eligibility and it is tailored around your needs. We do, however, offer Home Loans up to ₹ 10 crores. 


What is a Home Loan Calculator?

Home Loan EMI calculator helps you to understand the EMI that you will pay towards the principal payments and interest payment over the loan tenure. Use the EMI calculator to know how much money you can pay monthly over a course of time to repay your home loan. With the help of EMI calculator, you can plan your monthly instalments and conveniently pay off the housing loan amount.