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Two Wheeler Loan EMI Options

What is an EMI?

EMI is the abbreviated form for Equal Monthly Instalments. It refers to the amount you need to keep aside every month towards the repayment of a loan. Your two wheeler loan EMI is composed of the borrowed loan principal as well as the applicable interest on the loan over a fixed tenure. Bike EMI value can be easily calculated using an online two wheeler loan EMI calculator

The 3 Hows of Deciding the Right Bike Loan EMI

Deciding the right two wheeler loan EMI is vital to a smooth repayment experience. To choose the right bike loan EMI option, you must consider the following three ‘Hows’ –

  • How soon do you wish to pay off your two wheeler loan?

  • How much bike EMI can you afford to pay in a month?

  • How much of an interest rate are you comfortable paying?

How to Choose a Right EMI Option?

Choosing the right two wheeler loan EMI is crucial to having a comfortable repayment experience. You can determine the right EMI option by answering the following questions - 

  • How soon do you want to pay off your two wheeler loan?

If you answered the obvious, which is you want to close your loan as early as possible, then choose a short tenure. However, do remember that a short tenure means higher bike EMI every month.

  • How much EMI can you afford to pay in a month?

Have a realistic idea of your income and weigh it against your monthly financial obligations plus the bike loan EMI you need to pay every month. If you find that the EMI is going beyond your repayment capacity, opt for a longer tenure.

  • How much of an interest rate are you comfortable in?

If you wish to pay low bike loan interest rate, then choosing a short tenure is the ideal option because a longer tenure brings with it higher interest outgo. However, this is something you will have to answer based on your current income and likelihood of a raise in the future. 

Which EMI Option is Suitable for You?

To make it easy and hassle-free for you to pay your two wheeler loan EMI, we offer two EMI payment plans which you can choose based on your cash flow.

Fixed EMI

Under the Fixed bike loan EMI plan, the Principal and Interest components of the loan remain unchanged throughout the tenure. As a result, the EMI also remains fixed.

  • EMI amount remains the same for the entire two wheeler loan period


You have a consistent income. 

Structured EMI

Our Structured bike EMI option allows you to customise your EMIs as per your requirement. .

  • Customised EMI options as per your requirement


You expect your income to increase at regular intervals

What are the Modes of Paying Bike Loan EMI?

To pay off your bike loan EMI in an easy and hassle-free way, we offer you multiple payment modes which you can choose based on your convenience.

Pay Online

An easy, online bike loan application must have an equally easy, online payment mode. Pay your two wheeler loan EMI using our website or your smartphone, anytime, and from anywhere.

Drop a Cheque

Another way to pay off your bike EMI is to select a nearby branch and drop off a cheque at your convenience.

EMI Calculator

Detailed FAQs

If you’re planning to buy bike on EMI, you can do so via simple steps –

  • Online Application – In an easy and hassle-free way, you can apply for a standard or super bike loan online. Before applying, do find out your bike loan EMI in advance using an online two wheeler loan EMI calculator.

  • Document Submission – Then, simply upload the required documents for loan approval.

  • Verification – Your documents and credit report will be verified and validated.

  • Approval – If no discrepancies are found, your two wheeler loan will be sanctioned and the amount will be disbursed to your dealer. 

The most common two wheeler loan repayment process is to take a loan principal and repay it along with the applicable interest in Equal Monthly Instalments or EMIs over a specified loan tenure. This EMI value can be known beforehand using an online bike loan EMI calculator. 

To make the repayment experience convenient and smooth, borrowers are offered two wheeler loan Flexi EMI options. Under this option, two bike loan EMI plans are available –

  • Fixed EMI plan – suitable for those with a consistent income since under this plan, the two wheeler loan EMIs remain unchanged throughout the loan tenure.

  • Structured EMI plan – suitable for those whose income is expected to rise in the future. Under this plan, the EMIs can be customised as per your requirements. 

Yes, you can prepay your two wheeler loan, provided you prepay it fully. However, certain charges will accompany the full prepayment of bike loan in the form of foreclosure charges. Before you apply for two wheeler loan, check your lender’s foreclosure charges. 

No, your two wheeler loan EMI cannot be changed once your loan has been sanctioned and the amount has been disbursed. All changes in bike loan EMI can be made prior to the application processing stage. You can adjust the loan tenure in a two wheeler loan EMI calculator and arrive at a more comfortable EMI value. 

You can manage your two wheeler loan EMIs by –

  • Calculating your EMI in advance as it will help you manage your finances better; you will have a clear idea of the amount that you need to set aside every month towards your bike loan EMI.

  • Choosing a longer tenure in case you are not comfortable with a high EMI value. However, remember that with a longer tenure comes higher two wheeler loan interest rates outgo.

  • Using smartphone applications to set a reminder for your monthly bike EMI payment

  • Keeping the EMI money aside on the very first day of each month or notifying your bank for automatic payments so that you do not default

For a comfortable repayment experience, two different two wheeler loan EMI options are offered –

  • Fixed EMI plan – wherein the principal and interest payment remain fixed throughout the loan tenure. As a result, the bike loan EMI also remains unchanged. This EMI option is advisable to those with a consistent income which is likely to remain the same in the future.

  • Structured or Flexi EMI plan – wherein the EMIs can be customised. Usually, the bike EMI values are low during the initial months and they gradually increase. This plan is recommended for those who expect to see a rise in income in the near future.