Affirmative Action

Tata Capital completes its Sixth Affirmative Action Assessment

Moves up with a higher score-band of 451-475 (on scale of 1-1000)

Tata Capital participated in the AA assessment for the 6th year in succession in Fy 15-16. We moved up to a score band of 451-475 (on scale of 1-1000). The reach of our AA Programme is strong and clearly evident . The assessors appreciated the Tata Capital Pankh Scholarship Programme, which is now in its second year and supports 24 students.

Pankh Affirmative Action @ Tata Capital

Pankh our Affirmative Action Initiative has adopted the 4Es- Education, Employment, Employability and Entrepreneurship. The Initiative is aimed at the inclusion of the SC/ST communities into the larger fold of the society. As a mechanism to review and share best practices, an assessment (on the line of TBEM assessment) is undertaken by Tata Quality Management Services (TQMS) for participating TATA Companies.


This is very encouraging for a young Company like ourselves, especially since the assessment highlighted the following positive points:

  • The reach of our Affirmative Action Program is strong and clearly evident.
  • There are significant outcomes of the program that are clearly visible.
  • There has been a definite societal impact of our AA initiatives


  • Mr. Asis Mita, TDPL
  • Ms. Kamalika Deka, Titan
  • Mr. Achintya Singh, Tata Motors