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Mr. Jay Sen

Home loan

  In April, 2013 I got married and started searching for home, but because of too high initial/down payment, also the processing fee from any other bank, I was not able to get home. Finally I got a home and with the minimum 9.25% interest rate offer from Tata Capital I thought I should give a try of getting the loan from Tata Capital, surprisingly I got personalized help from Tata Capital employees and without any headache our loan was processed and was disbursed on time.  I am happy that because of Tata Capital we are able to get our own home, also around 90% less processing fee compare from other banks . Thank you Tata Capital for making our dream come true and also of those people who are like us..



Mr. Rajendra Acharya

Personal loan

  Thank you for fulfilling my dreams...  

It was almost 5 months since my dad had passed away on 27th Feb 2015. Ironically, it happens to be my birthday. I was already burdened by a loan taken for dad's hospitalization and other rituals post his demise. Although we lost him, we did not lose him in the true sense because his presence will always stay etched in our memories.

And 5 months down the line, we were moving to our redeveloped house. The new house has a very big hall room, big enough to have a home theatre experience. Though this was the last in the list of priorities that was planned before moving in.

Apart from doing the interiors of the house, there were additional expenses for house warming as well. Somewhere in the back of my head, I had nailed the nagging thought of buying a SONY BRAVIA that would befit my hall. Maybe later. For now, my mind was definitely going through a catastrophic phase.

And one fine day, with a cool head, lets-see-what-happens attitude, I walked into Croma showroom at the Oberoi Mall with almost a nil balance in my bank account. I decided to go for SONY BRAVIA.

We sat down to discuss the EMI mode of payment. I came back home and it felt like I had come out of an operation theatre with the nagging nail removed from my head. It felt like bliss. Tata Capital had taken the baton from my hand and helped me achieve my dream. Life is beautiful and colourful if you have opportunities around you.

Now I feel assured that I don't need to dream because reality is in front of me. Next on my extended list is a music surround system, a camera and much more. 

Tata Capital: Aap hain toh hum hain. Aap nahi toh main kuch bhi nahi...

Thank you for fulfilling my dreams...



Mr. Sunil Deshmukh

Car loan

  Thank You Tata Capital, for providing me loan on vehicle.

10 months back, we took a loan on our vehicle. It was really good experience we had with Tata Capital. At that time, we were in need of 2.85 lacs for our business exposure and it was needed in a week's time . At that time, the Tata Capital DSA contacted us and asked us to submit the documents. On that day we submitted all the documents and got the file logged in. Next day, the vehicle verification was done. Really on fourth day we received amount. Awesome experience.



Mr. Milind Kumar Tawde

Personal loan

  With Tata Capital it was - A 'Dream come True' for me.  

Dream come true situation with Tata Capital. A Big Thank you to Tata Capital. Representatives are very helpful and polite never felt like I am dealing with a finance person who has a targets on his mind to close a case ASAP.

Because of Tata Capital I completed my house hold repairs and bought a bike for myself.

Thanks once again.



Mr. Jatin Chugh

Home loan

  Thank you again for being so customer focused organization. Proud to be a  member of Tata Capital Family.

It takes a lot of guts to stand up and correct your mistakes and that is what I think Tata Capital has done.

Kudos to the team for putting efforts and getting my CIBIL issue rectified. I almost lost hopes and was  about to switch to a different bank but then drafting  one email made the difference. My online credentials were blocked for unknown reasons and I was never getting any communication either for the last 2 years. I called up the customer care just once and the issue was fixed on the first call itself. Examples like this really call for a cheer. Thank you again for being such a customer focused organization. Proud to be a member of Tata Capital Family. Would certainly recommend friends and family.



Mr. Vishvanath Damodare

Home loan

  It great experience with TATA capital at the time of home loan approval process there is no hidden charges all is clear and transparent..

When I decided to pursue my own house, first name in my mind is Tata Capital - Because of TATA ..the name indicates integrity & Ethics.

I had a great experience with Tata Capital at the time of home loan approval process. There is no hidden charges all is clear and transparent..

Great experience! Thanks.



Mr. Ganesan

Personal loan

  My name is Ganesan working in TCS Chennai.. It all happened as a miracle .. I was planning to buy a laptop.. but I needed a huge money as I am a salary classed and middle class it was little bit day dream for me.. so I keep avoiding my dream and concentrating on my work.. one fine morning in 2014 on my birthday month in February I saw a big Tata banner at my work place saying Tata Capital.. when I approached the gentleman they said offering loan for salaried people my mind and heart was in fast beat I don't know a sudden change.. when I started speaking to them they said offering loan for my salary I am getting .. I was quite surprised but I am worried about the charges as I am a middle class I have commitments .. but the executive came up with a plan with an easy EMI to suit my wallet.. and also told me it will be simple documentation process.. I was so excited within few minutes I submitted all my documents as the executive mentioned in the forms.. within 72 hours I received call from senior manager regarding my loan -  the document is processed and I am eligible for the loan.

I felt shell shocked with happiness.. my dream was realised .. within 5 days I received my loan amount and start using it.. and bought my laptop with that I am writing this story.. guess what today I finished my loan tenure pre-closure due to increase in pay with god blessings.. thanks to Tata too



Mr. Anil Sharma

Home loan

  Tata Capital is trusted name among loan lenders & being TATA group family member I have chosen Tata Capital for Home as well as Personal Loan

Executive support is fantastic to complete the whole process in hassle free manner.

Timely disbursement of Fund helped me to fulfil my family's dreams. Tender my sincere thanks & Wishing good Luck to TATA CAPITAL.