How to Pay Your Loan

Tata Capitals provides you with competitive foreclosure and prepayment charges. Tata Capital offers convenient repayment options to its customers. Following are the foreclosure, prepayment charges and repayment options.

  • Repayment Options

Repayment Options


Repaying, the easy way.


At Tata Capital, we offer convenient and flexible repayment options for your loan against property. Giving you the freedom to repay your way.


Flexible Tenure:

We offer you the freedom to pay your loan over a period of 12 months to as long as 180 months


Options of EMI payment:

  • Auto Debit /ECS Facility:

    Under this facility , the customer undertakes to issue an irrevocable instruction to its bankers to periodically debit the bank account of the customer with an amount equal to EMI/Pre-EMI and transfer the same to the bank account of TCFSL. TCFSL has Auto Debit arrangements with 27 banks and there are no location constraints under this facility. However, ECS facility is available in limited cities only.

  • PDC Facility:

    Considering the prolonged tenure of the loan being offered, this facility is accepted only if Auto Debit or ECS is not possible. Under this facility, the customer will have to provide 36 PDC's (Post dated cheques) upfront and periodically issue fresh PDCs at least 3 months prior to expiry of the current PDCs or as and when called upon by TCFSL.