Loan against property is a loan extended on a pre-owned property (Residential, commercial and alternate property) for a legitimate end use that is disclosed upfront. It is a loan against secured/free-of-charge market value of a property.

You can avail loans ranging from Rs.5 lakhs to Rs.5 crores depending on your collateral property value, income eligibility and repayment capacity.

The loan can be repaid over a period of 12 to 180 months.

Lucrative Processing Fee options are available for key corporates. The fees are collected in the following manner:

Login Processing Fee: A non-refundable Processing Fee of Rs.3000 + GST for loan amount up to Rs.3.00 Cr and Rs. 5000 + GST for loan amount greater than Rs. 3.00 Cr is payable upfront with the application form. Further, processing fees as per grid will be payable post sanction and prior to disbursement of the loan

Processing Fee: 1% - 1.25% of the Loan amount is collected from the customer depending on property type

Legal & Technical charges: Rs. 5,000 inclusive of GST for loan amount up to 1 CR and Rs. 10,000 inclusive of GST for loan amount Greater than 1 CR, payable post sanction and prior to disbursement of the loan

You may repay through ECS (Electronic Clearance System) by instructing your banker to deduct the EMI (Equated Monthly Instalment) from the nominated bank account or you may repay the loan through post-dated cheques favouring Tata Capital Financial Services Limited ("TCFSL").

We assess the applicants' repayment capacity and the proposed collateral property value while deciding on the loan eligibility. Repayment capacity is based on factors such as applicant and co-applicant's income, age, number of dependents, financials, banking habits, loan repayment history and business/employment stability.

Yes, you can prepay your outstanding loan amount in parts or in full. Prepayment charges as applicable would be levied on the outstanding loan amount.

You can apply for the loan by writing to contactus@tatacapital.com or calling us on 18002096060.

Self-occupied residential property, commercial property (offices, shops etc.) and alternate property (Residential Plots, Schools, hospitals, Industrial Property, hotels) can be considered as collaterals.

Yes, you can. However, all the co-owners of the property will also have to become co-applicants of the loan.