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Repay Your Car Loan


When you take a loan, the foremost thing in your mind is the ability to repay. If you have a regular source of income then it is easy to forego some of your income after providing for your household expenses so as to pay the EMI towards your used car loan. We at Tata Capital make it easy for you to repay your loan with attractively designed EMI repayment plans.


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Repayment options

We offer you 4 well-structured repayment plans that you can choose from. We have anticipated your requirements and we present our repayments in the form of flexible plans as follows:

  • Step up Flexi EMI plan is a repayment option where in the EMI increases every year. You could use this when you anticipate rise in your income each year
  • Step down Flexi EMI plan is an option where the EMI decreases each year. You could use this option when you feel you need more disposable income as you grow older
  • Bullet EMI plan is an option where you can make bullet lump sum payments periodically. You could use this option when you are likely to receive a bonus or windfall
  • Ballooning EMI plan is an option where you can make one lump sum payment as the last EMI to clear the loan. You could use this when you know you are anticipating a windfall

Whatever your requirement our Flexi EMI plans will definitely help you to quickly repay your loan well within your capabilities.

Prepayment Options

It is possible that you may want to prepay the used car loan ahead of its planned closure. We offer the prepayment facility with a nominal charge.


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