From ‘save the date’ to ‘change the date,’ Indian weddings have come a long way since the COVID-19 put our best-laid plans on hold. No wonder the wedding trends in India are changing yet again! Now more than ever, the need to experience curated, once-in-a-lifetime moments is overtaking the inclination towards aesthetics.

So, what does the post-pandemic wedding scenario look like? Here are the top wedding trends, 2021will bring along!

1. From destination to staycation arrangements

Given the year that’s gone by, destination weddings have simply lost the appeal owing to travel restrictions and infection fears. People are now apprehensive of travelling to faraway destination wedding spots. But on the bright side, more and more couples have found a balance between a destination-themed wedding and a traditional home-town one in the form of a staycation wedding. A staycation wedding typically involves domestic spots such as five-star hotels – a safe cocoon for undisturbed celebrations!

2. Eco-friendly choices

As exciting and grand as they may be, weddings are also notorious for reckless practices, often including food wastage, non-reusable decorations, and more. However, 2021 is seeing an upsurge in green or eco-conscious weddings! From biodegradable invites, re-usable décor, sustainable cutlery and eco-friendly makeup, even up-cycled wedding attire, the wedding trends for 2021 are leaning towards environment friendliness.

3. Greater attention to detail

Paying greater attention to detail is becoming one of the key wedding trends this year. From unique floor plans to mismatched seating arrangements and mood lighting complimenting the outdoor seating, everything is planned precisely. As such, couples are going to great lengths for creating a perfect ambience for their close-knit community of guests.

4. Going local with the décor

A significant aspect of sustainability is supporting local businesses. And if the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s the price of reckless spending and the true value of being frugal. As a result, one of the latest wedding trends 2021 is supporting the local economy by opting for locally sourced florals and décor items. Many couples are now turning to hand-crafted items by local artisans and craftsmen like bamboo lighting fixtures, earthen pot décor, brass lanterns, and more. 

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5. Vibrant colour palette

The past years may have witnessed more mint, lavender, and peach pastel tones; however, 2021 is about to change the game. After all, with an entire year gone by quarantining at home and dreaming of parties and celebrations, it will be the bold colours that will reign supreme in 2021. Couple that with fantastical décor, stand-up comedies, and spacious venues, and you have the flavour of the season!

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