Your wedding day is considered as the most important day of your life, and planning the event is an overwhelming experience. Though the stress associated with planning a wedding ceremony is huge, you want the event to go as smoothly as possible.

Following are six tips to ensure you and your guests have a fun-filled and memorable day.

1. Plan well in advance

Planning for the big day is no ordinary task. There are numerous aspects that need to be taken into consideration, including the booking of the venue, selection of the caterers, purchase of jewelry and bridal apparel, besides many others. Generally, bookings for the best venues are done well in advance, so you need to plan before. You may borrow a wedding loan to cover all the wedding related expenses.

2. Have a themed wedding

Having a themed wedding adds to the glamour and the excitement of the ceremony. You may pick a theme based on your interests as there the list of themes is endless. This will ensure that you create unique memories of your love marriage that you or your guests will never forget.

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3. Spend only how much you are able to afford

Though weddings are probably a once in a lifetime events, it is important to stay mindful of your spending. You may explore the option of borrowing a personal loan to finance your wedding. By availing of such a loan, you do not need to spend your lifetime savings. Besides, such loans have regular installments and hence you may pay back over a period of time, without any strain on your finances. Nowadays, many financial institutes offer affordable personal loan interest rates, along with a host of benefits.

4. Have proper lightning and room temperature

Though this may sound trivial, having proper lighting sets the mood for a wedding. If you want your guests to come on the dance floor, ensure that you have dim lighting. As far as the room temperature is concerned, ensure that the room is neither too hot nor too cold.

5. Ensure that your guests are comfortable

Your families and friends have joined you to celebrate your big day, and hence it becomes your responsibility to make sure they are having a great time. Make sure they are comfortable and are enjoying themselves. Your close friends and family may also help you in this task.

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6. Eat, dance and make merry!

Though this need not be told, but the best way to have a memorable wedding is to participate in the celebrations. If you and your partner are dancing and enjoying yourselves, your guests will take cue from you and follow suit. This will create happy, unforgettable memories not only for you, but also for your guests. Whether you are planning your marriage vows or deciding on your guest list, you may take the aforementioned tips into consideration. By doing so, you will begin your journey of togetherness with a great start.

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