Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event. And it’s only fair to want a celebration that is fun and creative. From wedding rituals and arrangements to décor and venue, you can turn your wedding into the ‘wedding of the year’ by incorporating some amazing ideas.

So if you are looking to make the D-day extra special, then here are some trendy wedding ideas 2022for you.

1. Themed pre-wedding party

Get started with your wedding rituals with a casual themed party. Plan a costume party, an outdoor picnic, or even a Bollywood sangeet night for your close friends and family. Combine it with special décor or a unique dress code and get yourself a night to remember.

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2. Creative virtual invites

Get creative and design fun and trendy digital invites to send out to the guests. Not only are they sustainable and budget-friendly, but they also allow you to accommodate any last-minute changes to the invitation.

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3. Quirky photobooths

Weddings are a lot about beautiful locations, gorgeous outfits, and tons of photographs. And photobooths have become a trendy addition to wedding festivities. Rent creative props, flower arches, or quirky backdrops for fun photographic moments.

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Grand bridal entry

It’s your special day, so why not arrive in style? Jazz things up and plan a special bridal entry filled with colours and flowers. Use colourful smoke bombs, light up fireworks, or make it royal and enter in a palanquin. These are sure to make your wedding day more memorable.

5. Fairy light mandap

Looking for creative wedding ideas 2022?Don’t forget to decorate your mandap beautifully. Prepare a stunning canopy with flowers or colourful drapes. Or to add a more dramatic effect, decorate the mandap with classic fairy lights or trendy string lights. This will be enough to give your venue a magical and dreamy look for a dreamy wedding!

6. Make the Haldi ceremony fun

Want to have some childish fun during your wedding rituals? Arrange your favourite flowers for your haldi ceremony and enjoy a flower shower. Or make your haldi extra special and have a blast with your family with a water balloon fight! This way you get to make those traditional rituals super fun and create a lifetime of unforgettable memories.

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7. Personalised gifts

Want to thank your guests for making your wedding extra special? Surprise your guests with personalised gifts like chocolates, customised gift boxes, hand-written thankyou notes, and more. This will surely make a lasting impression on your guests and will add a sentimental touch to the wedding.

Over to you

Reimagine your wedding ceremony with these fun-filled ideas to make it more memorable. And if you need help with the financing, then turn to Tata Capital! With us, you can enjoy affordable personal finance options up to Rs. 25 lakhs at competitive personal loan interest rates.

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