Electric scooters are excellent alternatives to traditional scooters, as fuel prices keep rising. And today, thanks to government push, you can find plenty of options in the market. So, the question is- which is the best EV for daily use? Well, let’s look at the features you should be looking for in a daily-use electric scooter to find out.


The range is the distance an e-scooter can travel on a single charge. So, a scooter with a better range can cover a greater distance. Naturally, if you commute a long distance daily, this needs to be one of your key considerations.

Most e-scooters currently have a driving range of 50-150 km on a single charge. Additionally, high-speed scooters typically have a better range. When taking a loan to purchase a high-speed bike, check the two-wheeler loan eligibility criteria before approaching your preferred lender.

Charging time

Unlike fuel-powered scooters, e-scooters need several hours to charge fully. So, look for an e-scooter that you can at least recharge overnight. Even better if a scooter supports fast-charging capabilities. Why? Because this allows you to juice your scooter in the middle of the day as well.

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Battery life

When you’re buying an electric scooter for daily use, get one with a good life battery life.

Most e-scooters come with an expensive lithium-ion battery having a manufacturer warranty of 3 years. And they need replacement roughly every seven years depending on charging, riding style, manufacturer, etc. Naturally, if you buy a scooter for daily use, the battery will wear out quicker. So, choose a brand offering a greater battery warranty. No doubt this will cost a little more, but it will save you battery replacement costs.

Don’t have the funds to cover the costs for a scooter offering an extended battery warranty? Get a bike loan to help you out. Lenders even offer structured repayment plans to make your loan repayments convenient. So, use a bike loan EMI calculator to select an appropriate EMI plan.

Seat comfort

The last thing you want is your daily commute to be uncomfortable. So, check the level of comfort the seat offers before buying an electric scooter.

Power modes

Power modes can help you alter the overall performance of an e-scooter by changing the battery range. For instance, the Eco-mode makes the scooter run slower, but it offers a longer battery range, while the Sport mode gives the best performance sacrificing the battery range in the process. So, check the power modes an e-scooter offers carefully before buying.

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Additional features

E-scooters today come with several bells and whistles on top of basic features, including display, navigation, Bluetooth and internet connectivity, well-placed charging ports and more. Choose a scooter having all the features needed to make your driving experience smoother. Remember, the higher the number of features, the steeper the price. So, choose a scooter that matches your budget.

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