Hatchback cars are all the rage in India right now. With its compact size and easy manoeuvrability, it is the ideal car for unpredictable Indian roads. It also has a high resale value and is very durable, and it is a popular option for second-hand cars. For young Indians who are buying cars for the first time, buying a second-hand car, particularly a hatchback, might be the best decision. To help you decide what cars you will like best, here’s a list of the top hatchback cars of 2019.

Maruti Suzuki Baleno

Available in six glossy colours, Maruti Baleno is certainly the car of choice for today’s Indian roads. It is available in both manual and automatic transmission, in both petrol and diesel version. It has a mileage of 21 kmpl to 27 kmpl. It is available in a price range of Rs. 5.59-9 lakh.

Maruti Suzuki Swift

A good luxury car, this is best suited to the needs of urban nuclear families. It offers excellent value for money, with its 25kmpl average mileage, super comfortable interiors and sleek exteriors. It is available in a price range of Rs. 5.14-8 lakh.

Hyundai Elite i20

Hyundai is known for high-quality cars, and it has truly outdone itself with Elite i20. It has powerful projector headlamps, stylish taillights and a cascade design facade, with stylish, spacious interiors. It has an average mileage of 21 kmpl and is available for Rs. 5.51 lakh onwards.

Toyota Glanza

The product of a collaboration between Toyota and Maruti-Suzuki, it is an upgraded version of Maruti Baleno. The cars in this series only run on petrol and have a mileage of 23 kmpl. It has a state-of-the-art 7-inch infotainment system, which can run on both Apple and Android Auto, fog lamps and airbags. It’s available in a price range of Rs. 7.22-8.9 lakh.

Maruti Suzuki WagonR

Wagon R only gets better with a new offering in 2019, and it comes in three variations priced between Rs. 4.19-5.67 lakh. It has a maximum mileage of 33.54 kmpl and is available in both petrol and diesel versions. It also features a 7-inch touchscreen infotainment system with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay compatibility, and a new and improved layout for steering wheel-mounted controls.

Renault Kwid

With sleek, athletic lines and bold colours, Renault Kwid surely cuts a dashing sight on the street. Priced between Rs. 2.97-5.13 lakh, it has a mileage of 25.2 kmpl and is only available in the manual transmission, petrol version. It can go from 0-100 kmph in 16.8 seconds. It is one of the most spacious hatchbacks out there and has a 180mm ground clearance.

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