Whether a companion for the lonely mountain road adventures or a comfortable ride amid the busy cities – Indians first developed a motorcycle frenzy in the 1940s when Royal Enfield started selling its superbikes in India.

But leisure aside, two-wheelers have always been more about convenience and affordability in India. Naturally, accessibility to easy finance solutions like a two-wheeler loan has become more commonplace today.

Interested buyers can now obtain funds to purchase the desired bike at a lucrative bike loan interest rate and pay the debt in flexible EMIs.

Got a motorcycle frenzy? Here are the best bike brands of 2021you should look out for.

Royal Enfield

Over the years, from bullets to cruisers, this British company has offered a wide selection of premium luxury models, sure to tickle every biker’s fancy. A brand renowned with class; it manufactures muscular builds that are enviable head turners on the Indian roads.

But since the company mostly manufactures luxury bikes, their motorcycles are usually on the expensive end. So, if you are short on funds, go for a bike loanto cover the costs involved.


“Ready to race?”

KTM’s tagline indeed resonates with the Indian millennials who are head over heels, with its various luxury models. This Austrian company, known for unmatched speeds and power unimaginable for roads, is super-hit with the adrenaline seekers.

And their USP? KTM offers customisation features on all purchases. So, interested buyers can readily avail of credit at attractive two-wheeler loan interest ratesand take home a personalised ride.

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Hero MotoCorp

Thanks to the Splendour series launched in 1994, Hero became a household name in India and continues to drive the market demand with a 46% share. As the world’s largest two-wheeler manufacturer, this Indian multinational has mastered the regular and sports bike segment with incredibly high mileage models.

Besides, with the availability of easy finance, you can find the best deals without difficulty. You can also use a bike EMI calculatoronline to compute EMI payments accurately.

Harley Davidson

If a bike catches your eye on the road; nine out of ten times, you’ll be staring at a classic design, characteristic of the Harley Davidson. This revered American brand portfolio boasts of the most luxurious bikes of all times.

However, luxury usually comes at a hefty price! So, if you want to obtain external finance for purchase, rely on our bike loan EMI calculatorto devise a suitable financial plan.

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With 998cc engine powered superbikes, Kawasaki is one of the top bike brandswithout a doubt. A luxury sports bike brand, which not only excels in premium built but also, reliability. Surprisingly, the brand has a failure rate of only 15% on a four-year-old bike – a mark well below the 24% of the industry average.

Moreover, the Japanese company provides easy-to-ride bikes at affordable prices. So, for beginners, Kawasaki bikes are usually their first picks.

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