The feeling of buying your first bike is like no other. Naturally, you’d want all the latest features in your two-wheeler. Luckily, in the past few years, manufacturers have started adding modern-day motorcycle features that were once reserved only for high-end bikes to budget-friendly bikes as well.

So, if you are planning to buy a new pair of wheels anytime soon, make sure you’re getting the bigger end of the stick. Here are five must-have modern features to check before buying a new motorbike.

1. ABS brake system

Most new-age bikes come either with a disc braking system or the ABS braking system. However, having the latter can provide extra safety on the road. This is because an anti-lock brakes system can control the amount of braking force sent to the wheels through electronic sensors. Thus, it prevents the wheel from locking up during a panic stop situation and reduces the probability of an accident.

Unfortunately, bikes with ABS system are usually on the steeper side. So, taking a two-wheeler loan is a better way to finance such a bike.

2. Fuel injection

A fuel injection dynamically determines the amount of fuel that can enter the engine. It uses readings from different sensors located in the bike to make this decision. The fuel injector can also actively adjust the air-fuel mixture. Thus, it will keep the air-fuel mix lean while cruising and make it rich when you go full throttle.

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3. Aerodynamic bodywork

If you opt for a fuel injection bike, you will also get an aerodynamic body with lightweight materials. The aerodynamic shape helps reduce the excessive air resistance of the surroundings and causes less friction. Therefore, it is a better option than the bulky architecture of traditional motorbikes.

So, if you prefer a bike with a lightweight, aerodynamic body, then consider taking a loan at competitive two-wheeler loan interest rates to make the purchase easy on your pockets. 

4. LED lighting system

Lighting is quite an essential feature in any motorcycle. And a decent bike will have a LED lighting system to ensure consistent lighting and provide maximum visibility across all terrains. As opposed to traditional bulb lighting, LED lamps also cause minimum overheating and have a longer life. Hence, it is a must-have feature for your new two-wheeler.

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5. Digital console

If you are spending big bucks on your new ride, there’s nothing wrong with expecting a few luxurious features like a digital console. Not only is a digital console easier to read, but it also provides you with more data during your ride. Modern digital consoles integrate various functions like the speedometer, clock, fuel gauge, trip meters and service reminders.

But like all good things in life, a bike with digital console also carries a cost. Luckily, if you meet the lender’s two-wheeler loan eligibility criteria, you can avail of a loan to finance it.

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