Second hand cars are ideal for not just the ones on a budget, but also for the ones who wish to test their driving skills. However, most people have a pre-conceived notion when it comes to the quality of used cars. Some of the questions that pop up are – will it give the same mileage? Are the car parts in order? Will it be worth the money?

Second hand cars are more bang for the buck if you do the research right. Here are five points to keep in mind before buying second hand cars.

Choose the Right Brand

When you’re planning to buy used cars, be mindful of the brand. Used cars of reputed brands are reliable and can go a long way. However, just the car brand shouldn’t be the deciding factor for you. You must also perform other necessary checks before making the buying decision.

Check the Exteriors for Red Flags

The exteriors of used cars are the first tell-tale sign of its quality. If the bumper is bent or there are multiple scratches and dents on it, then that’s an indication of rough handling. Be sure to thoroughly check the body as well as the underbelly of the car.

Investigate the Interiors

You can easily tell the correct age and usage of used cars if you’re greeted by a peculiar stale odor as soon as you open the door. The frayed rubber coating on the pedals will also give you some hints. Additionally, check the seats – not just its upholstery, but also its reclining capacity.

Get Expert Advice

Even with good knowledge of automobiles, you may still not be able to gauge the quality of a second hand car as well as a technician can. They will also be in a better position to examine the technical aspects, such as the rubber hose, battery, engine, the color of the coolant, etc. Therefore, get a thorough check-up done by an independent car mechanic to understand if the car is worth your money.

Pay Attention to the Papers

Inspecting the papers is the best way to rule out any foul play. Plus, the insurance details will highlight the number of accidents and issues with the car. Additionally, you will need to transfer the insurance to your name, but note that a transfer of insurance comes without the transfer of the No Claim Bonus benefit (if any).

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