When it comes to buying the best bikes, Suzuki and Yamaha are two of the most popular brands in the Indian market. Their bikes are powerful and stylish yet provides value-for-money. Both Suzuki Gixxer 2019 and Yamaha FZS V3 have launched three different colours in black, blue and grey. The FZS V3 offers models in a sleek, matte finish while the Suzuki Gixxer models has a metallic and almost glassy finish.

Both bikes offer some great features, which can make it tough for you to decide between the two. Let’s do a comparative analysis to make the job easier.

Features Suzuki Gixxer 2019 Yamaha FZS V3   Verdict
Price The 2019 version of Suzuki Gixxer is priced at Rs. 1 lakh. The FZS V3 is priced at Rs. 98,180. If you are planning to purchase a new bike that is comfortable and worth every penny both Suzuki and Yamaha models are great options. You can even opt for two-wheeler finance to buy one conveniently.
Engine and Power With an engine of 154.9cc, as its previous model Gixxer SF, the Gixxer 2019 uses fuel-injection as its only method of fuelling. The engine on this model is more powerful and refined than the Yamaha FZS V3. Yamaha disappointed many by launching FZS V3 with the same engine of 149cc as its older models. The engines on both the bikes are powerful. Even though riding Yamaha feels quite comfortable, it is not as smooth and speedy as its competitor.  
Fuel Features a fuel capacity of 12.8 L which makes bike rides smoother and faster. The battery capacity is 12 V, 3 Ah. It has a fuel capacity of 12 L along with ground clearance of 160 mm. Its battery capacity is 12 V- 4 Ah. Both bikes have an LED lamp, one cylinder and two valves per cylinder.
Performance and Speed The bike is light with a good power to weight ratio. It has a maximum speed of 109 kmph. FZS V3 is a sports bike. This makes longer bike rides less smooth and more painful for the back due to the lower power to weight ratio. It cannot exceed a speed of 107 kmph. Both the bikes are popular in the market for their good performance. If you are willing to buy either of them, it is a smart option to go for a two-wheeler loan in India.

If you want to go for a well-equipped bike, the Suzuki Gixxer 2019 is the right machine. If you are tight on the budget, the Yamaha FZS Version 3 does the job well at a relatively lower price. Both the bikes will meet your expectations with their sleek look and robust engines.

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