Scooters and motorcycles aren’t very different and yet, in some ways, are. With a geared bike, you control multiple functions. The clutch with your left hand, the accelerator with the right, the rear brake under the right foot, gears under the left. Bikers enjoy this, but for many, this could get overwhelming. Gearless scooters are a lot simpler, and as city runabouts, they are perfect! 

So, if you have been wondering, ‘which is better scooty or bike?’, here are five benefits of owning a gearless scooter over a geared bike:

1. Convenience

The biggest draw that gearless scooters have over geared bikes is the sheer convenience and ease of use. The engine works on a single-speed CVT transmission, which means all you need to do is wring the throttle and the scooter gradually picks up pace. Maneuverability is another big advantage as the small wheel size helps it scamper through narrow streets with ease.

2. Practical

When it comes to the discussion of scooty vs bike, this is essential to consider. Not having a big bulky fuel tank between your legs opens up a lot of space. The footrest space in a gearless scooter also acts as an area where you can comfortably place a week’s worth of groceries and even medium-sized luggage bags. In comparison, try placing a suitcase on a motorcycle. 

There is also sufficient space under the seat of the scooter to store away your helmet, which can be used as additional storage space when you are riding.

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3. Fuel-efficient

Gearless scooters feature engines that are similar in size to commuter bikes, but ones that have been tuned differently. Pair that to the CVT gearbox, and the fuel efficiency numbers are rather impressive. Compared to a geared bike, a scooter will always be more fuel-efficient, and a lot of it has to do with it being lighter. No massive wheels, no heavy metal fuel tank, no chrome crash guards are all reasons a scooter is lighter and more economical.

4. Easy maintenance

Another edge that a scooter has in the scooty vs bike comparison is that servicing a scooter is a lot cheaper and affordable. Basic service of one costs almost half of what you would pay for a motorcycle, and the cost of spare parts and labor is reasonable too. Some fixes are so easy that you can easily manage them on your own at home with a basic tool kit.

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5. Comfortable

Riding a gearless scooter is more comfortable than a motorcycle. Sure, a geared bike has stronger suspension, but with a scooter, you get a comfortable broad seat, light handling, smaller wheels and overall agile dynamics that make riding it a breeze in city traffic.

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