Several car owners modify their vehicles to crank up their road appeal. But, a lot of modifications can have adverse effects on the car, causing safety and warranty issues.  Buying a damaged pre-owned vehicle or one with faulty parts can cost the buyer a lot of money at a later time. This is why due diligence is necessary, especially when purchasing a customised car.

If you want to buy a modified used-vehicle, but are scared of eating into your savings, finance it with a used vehicle loan. However, before applying, use an online used-car loan calculator to estimate the affordability of your potential EMIs.

Steps for checking a modified vehicle’s durability

Modifications that are not well chosen can compromise the performance of the vehicle and its durability. So, a thorough inspection is required beforehand. Here are a few tips to help you assess damages on used-car modifications. 

Walk around the car

Walk around the vehicle in broad daylight for a proper physical inspection. This will show all the superficial flaws and damages present on the modified second-hand car’s body.

Difference in paint

Ensure that you look for chipped paint, patchy colouring, and dents during the used car inspection.If the modified painting of the body was done with low-quality materials, it can fade and develop cracks.

Exhausts, pipes, and filters

Before you buy used car, check for customisation of exhausts, bent pipes, and air filters. If the mechanic has replaced these parts with low-quality alternatives, they can wear off quickly and need frequent replacements.


The working and spare tyres should ideally be of the same company. If you find tyres of multiple brands or some that have worn out due to rough use, crosscheck with the dealer and get them replaced.

Engine and battery

Some engine modifications are illegal and lie outside warranty, so this aspect requires careful inspection. If the engine is customised for boosting performance, check if it has been permitted by the Regional Transport Office (RTO).

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Are there any good modifications?

Yes, there are! Some people choose suspension upgrades that enhance the overall ride quality. The addition of a turbocharger is also a popular choice of modification as it makes the engine more powerful by forcing more air inside.

Buying a modified vehicle with these customisations is worth it, even with a slightly higher price. Besides, these days with easy finance and access to used-car loan EMI calculator, no purchase is exorbitant.

However, certain tyre modifications that make them extend outside the body is illegal.  Changing the length and width of the second-hand vehicleis also banned by the government. Therefore, be wary of them before making the purchase.

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To Sum Up

After successful inspection of damages and car modifications, pay close attention to documentation and insurance. Also, ensure that you negotiate a reasonable price with your seller depending on the used car’s condition. Remember, a cheaper vehicle means you require a smaller loan, which automatically improves your used-car loan eligibility. 

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