Ducati bikes are renowned for their great performance. And in 2022, its Panigale series superbikes have gotten a much-needed upgrade. The new and improved Ducati Panigale V4 2022models are now faster, better, and easier to ride. The company even claims that the new model is better around the corners and accelerates much faster.

But do these claims about this much-desired superbike hold up? Is theDucati Panigale V4 price worth the features? Let’s look at the specifications of the new Ducati Panigale V4 to find out.

Ducati Panigale V4 specifications by model

The Ducati Panigale comes in three variants:

  • Ducati Panigale V4 STD
  • Ducati Panigale V4 S
  • Ducati Panigale V4 SP

For the petroheads, here is a quick summary and comparison of the three models.

 SpecificationsDucati Panigale V4 STDDucati Panigale V4 SDucati Panigale V4 SP
1.Mileage13.16 kmpl13.16 kmpl13.15 kmpl
2.Displacement1103 cc1103 cc1103 cc
3.Engine TypeLiquid-cooled   Desmosedici Stradale 90degree V4   4Desmodromic timing   Counter-rotating crankshaft   4 valves per cylinderLiquid-cooled   Desmosedici Stradale 90degree V4   4Desmodromic timing   Counter-rotating crankshaft   4 valves per cylinderLiquid-cooled   Desmosedici Stradale 90degree V4   4Desmodromic timing   Counter-rotating crankshaft   4 valves per cylinder
4.Max. Power211 bhp @ 13000 rpm214 Nm @ 13000 rpm214 Nm @ 13000 rpm
5.Max. Torque124 Nm @ 9500 rpm124 Nm @ 9500 rpm124 Nm @ 9500 rpm
6.Brakes and suspensionDisc brakes   43 mm adjustable Showa Big Piston Fork (BPF) front and fully adjustable   Sachs mono-shock absorbers at the back.Disc brakes   Electronically controlled Öhlins suspensions.   The front has an Öhlins NIX-30 fork, and the back has an Öhlins TTX36 shock absorber.Disc brakes   Electronically controlled Öhlins suspensions.   The front has an Öhlins NIX-30 fork, and the back has an Öhlins TTX36 shock absorber.
7.Fuel Capacity16 L16 L16 L
9.ColoursWinter test Lovery
Ducati Red Ducati Racing
Winter test Lovery
Ducati Red Ducati Racing
Winter test Lovery
Ducati Red Ducati Racing

Table: Specifications of the Ducati Panigale V4 variants

Ducati Panigale V4: Engine specifications

  • The Ducati Panigalehas a mammoth 1103-cc Desmosedici Stradale liquid-cooled engine. It pushes 211.21 bhp at 13,000 rpm and a torque of 124 Nm at 9,500 rpm. With the racing kit, this output can be expanded in the Panigale V4 SP. This unique racing kit features a complete engine remapping and an Akrapovic exhaust. Together, they boost the power output from 214 hp to 226 hp.
  • The Indian Panigale model is BS6 compliant, thanks to the new emission tech. The improved Panigale engine uses larger catalysts of over 10 mm in length to achieve the same power output. Since these catalysts are noble metals, they have a higher ability to adsorb the emissions and lower their output. But that’s not all.
  • The engine layout is 90 degrees with a counter-rotating crankshaft to reduce torque. Moreover, the transmission has improved too. It has an advanced chain drive mechanism, a wet multi-plate clutch and a hydraulically controlled slipper. Together, this system boosts performance by reducing the stress on the suspension and automates the clutch action.

Ducati Panigale V4: Brakes and suspensions

  • The Panigale tyres are made of durable Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa SP rubber, and they have a 17-inch alloy wheel to support them. These wheels are attached piston brakes from Brembo Stylema (M4.30) with monoblock callipers.
  • The front wheel has a double 330 mm disc brake with 4 piston callipers, while the rear tyre has a 245 mm single disc brake with 2 piston callipers. The front and the rear brakes get support from the capable Bosch cornering ABS EVO system.
  • The new Panigale also has a unique suspension system to support the quality brakes. And this differs in the two variants.
  • Up front, the Ducati V4 STD packs 43 mm adjustable Showa Big Piston Fork (BPF). The rear end has fully adjustable Sachs mono-shock absorbers. This arrangement ensures the suspension system is responsive and optimises compression and rebound damping.
  • The Ducati V4 S, on the other hand, has electronically controlled Öhlins suspensions. The front has an Öhlins NIX-30 fork, and the back has an Öhlins TTX36 shock absorber coupled with an event-based control system and a steering damper. And together, these lower the level of shocks while driving.

Ducati Panigale V4: Performance and handling

  • The electronic engine controls, the powerful engine, and the gearbox are what amp up the performance of the Panigale V4.
  • The first, second and sixth gear ratio is longer in the new Panigale V4. This improves theDucati Panigale V4’s top speed and allows the rider to enjoy more optimal engine braking and acceleration.
  • The engine pumps out enormous power in a remarkably short time to power the bike. One prime reason for this is the optimised oil pump circuit calibration. Thanks to such optimisation, even at 6000 rpm, one can achieve 80% of the engine output.
  • While both of the above allow the new Ducati Panigale to run at crazy top speeds, the bike also offers enough safety and flexibility to the drivers with safety and its electrical power modes.
  • The electrical power modes allow riders to adjust the performance of their Ducati by altering engine output. Moreover, they come with various electrical controls, from traction and slides to engine brakes, to ensure optimal riding safety.

Ducati Panigale V4 2022: Improvements in design

1) It is much lighter: The Panigale has a bulky exterior that makes it unmistakable on the road. But unlike its predecessors, the new Ducati V4 is an aerodynamically optimised beast. Now, it’s lighter at 198 kgs, all thanks to its aluminium perimeter frame. This makes the new Panigale agile on the road. And the frame lends compactness to the vehicle as well.

2) The new aluminium frame helps achieve optimal performance: The aluminium frame contributes to the famed Ducati side fairings. These do a great job absorbing heat from the radiator, ensuring the engine doesn’t heat up during peak performance. Moreover, the new bike gets a winglet to help the machine retain stability at high speeds.

3) Excellent night visibility: The new Panigale also retains the LED DRLs and the LED projectors from the previous models. This means you get the same night visibility with minimal scatters as the previous models. But not all the light setup has remained the same. The headlamp cover is now made of plexiglass, and the taillight is an LED one.

The new model also features a chain guard fin, heated grips, stock aluminium alloy cast wheels and a new ignition key grip.

Other features you must know

Here are some more exciting features about the Ducati Panigale V4:

AerodynamicsThe latestDucati Panigale V4is compact and efficient with double-profile-design wings and a redesigned extraction socket. This makes the cooling system of the bike more effective.
Ergonomics The seat and tank have additional improvements. Now, one can sit comfortably and have a good riding experience with minimal effort.
ChassisThe latest version of the bike is equipped with the new Ohlins NPX 25/40 pressurised fork that is electronically controlled and employs a pressurised cartridge damping system with a 125 mm travel with it. It also has a single-sided aluminium swingarm positioned around 4mm high.
Electronic controlsThe new engine has Brake Control EVO 2 software that improves precision, stability, and directionality when using the bike’s brakes. Also, because of the new DQS, the shifting gears are much smoother than before, which ultimately maintains the Ducati Panigale V4’s top speed.
TFT equipmentThe latest version has new graphics designed for riding the bike on tracks as they help the rider fine-tune easy electronic controls.

Ducati V4 new power modes

  1. Power mode ‘Full’: As the name suggests, this mode allows the bike’s engine to fully reach its potential with torque curves without using electronic filters.
  1. Power modes ‘High’ and ‘Medium’: The older Ducati bikes already have these power modes. So, the new Ducati V4 hasa new map management system for these modes. The system is dedicated to all the six gears in the bike, enabling the rider to achieve optimal thrust while handling the bike’s throttle.
  1. Power mode ‘Low’: This mode limits the maximum power of the bike’s engine to 150 HP. While riding the bike on the low mode, you can easily manage the bike’s throttle response and wander around comfortably on your bike.

Ducati Panigale V4 price by model

The bike comes in three different variants, which have different price ranges.

Ducati Panigale V4 (STD)Rs. 26.16 lakhs
Ducati Panigale V4 (S)Rs.31.58 lakhs
Ducati Panigale V4 (SP)Rs. 54 lakhs

The final word

The newest Ducati is a major step up from its earlier versions in terms of technology and features. The best part? You can own a Ducati Panigale V4 today.

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