Want to know some of the exciting things that can happen in life? Shorter lines at the grocery store after a tiring day. Realising you’ve finally reached your savings goal for the month. Applying for a loan that actually lets you customize your EMIs.

Yes, you heard that right!

Tata Capital brings you its latest offering – the Flexi Plus Loans Scheme – across a wide range of secured and unsecured product categories. Opting for a loan has never been this flexible and convenient. If you’re looking for a loan that caters to your specific needs, read on.

What is Flexi Plus Loans from Tata Capital?

Flexi Plus Loans is a new range of offerings available across various product categories. As we aim to offer a superior borrowing experience to our customers, Flexi Plus Loans gives you the freedom to choose! Now, you can easily personalise your loans to meet your unique financial requirements.

Want to make your EMI payments more comfortable? Choose an extended tenure. A sudden decrease in your income has got you in a tight spot? Use our step-up loan facility and pay higher EMIs when you earn more. With our Flexi Plus loans, you finally have access to flexible financing solutions.

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Features of Flexi Plus Loans

Here’s what you get when you avail of Flexi Plus Loans-

  • Longer tenure, to help you reduce your EMI burden
  • Overdraft benefits, when you need instant cash for any unexpected needs
  • Step-up payment plan, where you can progressively pay higher EMI as your income increases

Product Categories

Whatever your financial needs may be, you can easily apply for Flexi Plus Loans across all our digital platforms. Enjoy multiple benefits on our wide range of products –

  • Personal Loans
  • Business Loans
  • Home Loans
  • Two-wheeler Loans
  • Loan Against Securities
  • User Car Loans
  • Loan Against Property

Each product is designed for exclusive features and enhanced freedom to help you personalize your EMIs and meet your financial needs with ease.

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Over to you

No longer do you have to postpone things on your wish list. Tata Capital gives you the opportunity to borrow on your very own terms!

Get settled in your dream home, plan your next vacation, finance your next vehicle purchase, or invest in your business idea – all with our new range of Flexi Plus Loans. India Apne Mann Ki Karo!

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