Thanks to easy access to the internet throughout the country, most banking activities are accessible online. From opening accounts and checking bank statements to making payments and applying for loans, you can essentially visit the bank without setting foot outside your home.

Nowadays, you can even check your credit score online in just a few clicks. However, even online, there are various ways you can do this – using a mobile app or a website.

So, which one is better? Let’s find out.

Mobile app vs website

 Mobile AppWebsite
AccessibilityYou usually need to download and install a mobile app first and log in to your account to conduct a credit score check.All you need to do is enter the website’s URL in your browser, log in or sign up using your credentials, and that’s it. Also, apart from being available on the phone, websites can be accessed on laptops and computers.  
  SpeedApps installed on your smartphone store data locally, because of which data retrieval is swift, and so is the credit rating check. Moreover, you can also save your preferences in a mobile app, leading to even faster and accurate operations.On the other hand, websites store data on dedicated web servers to retrieve, which  requires the internet. As a result, the website first retrieves and then analyses data to show the result, which takes longer than an app.
PersonalisationSince apps store their data locally, they remember your credentials and preferences. So, you don’t have to log in every time you open an app. Plus, all the data fields are pre-filled whenever you conduct a credit score check.Comparatively, many websites offer a lesser degree of personalisation. 
SecurityBanks and NBFCs usually have multi-factor authentication on mobile apps, along with other back-end security measures. Moreover, apps don’t store a ton of data as websites do in terms of cookies. So, your credit-related information is pretty safe on a mobile app.Websites can be a little unsafe compared to apps, especially if you access them over public Wi-Fi or mobile data.

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Which one is better?

There is no one clear winner among the two. The choice depends on your preferences. Do you wish for a personalised, speedy credit score check online? If yes, an app will suit you well.

However, if you don’t wish to bloat your phone with another app and if you won’t check your CIBIL score that often, a website is a better choice.

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Over to you

Now that you’re aware of the distinct benefits of using an app and website to check your CIBIL score, you easily can choose one that aligns with your needs.

We at Tata Capital offer intuitive credit rating calculators on both our website and app. So, download our credit score check app or visit our website and keep a watchful tab on your CIBIL score.

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