Which countries are open for tourism? The question that must be echoing in the minds of wanderers who plan on travelling next year. While the mere idea of travelling amid a global pandemic may seem scary to some, countries across the world are lifting border restrictions gradually.

So, put on that backpack, stuff your suitcases and grab cash for a luxurious holiday!

Here’s a concise list of countries open for travel in 2021.


Iceland reopened its borders on June 15th. It is considered one of the safest countries in the world to travel to in 2020. Tourists can choose to go into quarantine for two weeks or go through a ‘Double Boarding Screening Procedure’.

This procedure involves the passengers taking two PCR-tests and staying in quarantine between these test days.

A truly magical place, Iceland is also one of the most expensive travel destinations. To ensure you don’t give up going here after reading this, consider taking a personal loan for self-employed or salaried individuals to cover expenses.


With famous destinations like Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, Brazil is an exquisite country to visit in the coming year. There are very few restraints for visitors here. The government is only asking for authentic travel insurance which covers COVID-19.

International borders in Brazil were officially reopened on July 30th, 2020.


Tourism is a huge source of revenue for Egypt. Undoubtedly, the negative impact of halted travel has proven to be significant here. But, Egypt approved tourism and allowed international flight entry from July 1st, 2020. Visitors need to present a negative PCR test certificate for COVID, which must be taken at a maximum of 72 hours before the flight.

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World’s ultimate tropical destination, the islands of Bahamas reopened for tourism on October 15th. To contain the spread of coronavirus, the Bahamas has certain entry protocols put in place. Everyone travelling here must possess a negative RT-PCR test taken no more than 5 days before the date of arrival.

The Bahamas is accepting tourists from all countries. Being a major attraction, it is not a cheap place to visit! Stays and meals cost a lot and can quickly overwhelm you. Thankfully, you can check your personal loan eligibility to avail of personal finance before travelling to this destination.

UAE (Dubai)

Majestic Dubai removed restrictions on international travel on July 7th. All permitted countries are welcome to visit, keeping in mind the safety formalities. You can log on to Dubai’s official travel portal and check out their COVID-19 guidelines before taking a personal loan for travel and flying to this destination.

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Speaking of cash, in case there’s some deficit of it this year, do not fret. Reports suggest that the trend of a travel loan – that falls within the personal finance gamut, has increased in recent years. With personal loan interest rates being reasonable, you can plan a fantastic foreign trip.

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