Surfing brings places like Hawaii and California to mind, but Europe has excellent surfing destinations of its own. If you’re up for a surfing trip, then here are some of the top beach surfing destinations in Europe you could visit.

1. Nazare, Portugal

Nazare, Portugal

The underwater Nazare Canyon presents an exciting prospect for surfers. The Nazare shore witnesses some of the biggest waves in the continent. Due to the Canyon, the incoming waves face interference, resulting in huge waves. It is, therefore, no surprise that top surfers from across the world keep Nazare on their wish-list.

2. Biarritz, France

Biarritz, France

Biarritz is the most popular surfing destination in France. Apart from several nice surfing spots, Biarritz has some of France’s most beautiful beaches. It is also a great place to start surfing with many quality surfing schools and instructors around. Having hosted the World Surfing Games in 2017, Biarritz gets its fair share of champion surfers.

3. Peniche, Portugal

Peniche, Portugal

Apart from the many popular honeymoon places in Europe, the Iberian Peninsula is home to Europe’s top surfing spots. Peniche is a popular surfing destination as it sees a wide range of wave variety and swell exposure. Interestingly, Peniche was an island that eventually connected due to the gradual silt deposit in the channel. Supertubos offers one of the best beach breaks in Europe.

4. Bundoran, Ireland

Bundoran, Ireland

Up there in the British Isles, Bundoran in Ireland gets some of the most beautiful waves in Europe. Countless beaches and reef breaks seem to serenade the Bundoran coastline. If you are looking for honeymoon ideas, do keep in mind that Ireland not only offers natural beauty, culture, and history, it has good surfing spots too!

5. Sardinia, Italy

Sardinia, Italy

The lush waves of the Mediterranean Sea wash the shores of Sardinia to come up with some of the best surfing spots in Italy. You can get good swells in the numerous beaches along its 2,000 km coastline, on hot days as well as in windy conditions. With equal measures of longboard waves and curvy barrels, Sardinia is the best practice patch for surfers.

6. Zurriola, Spain

Zurriola, Spain

Even within the greater Iberian Peninsula, the Basque region, including south-west France, has some of the best surfing spots in the continent. Of the several beaches in San Sebastian, Zurriola is the most convenient. Zurriola is popular because of the many surfing schools, readily available rentals and its proximity to the city. It also gets a lot of big swells.

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