Believe it or not! Mass tourism can have irreversible effects on holiday destinations. For vacationing to continue the right way, sustainable tourism is the way to go. 

Without further ado, here are the top five holiday destinations for sustainable travel.


The geographic location of Maldives makes it extremely vulnerable to the effects of climate change. It is no wonder that this country is at the forefront of sustainable tourism.

Every tourist resort in the Maldives is autonomous. This means that they fulfil their own power and water needs and typically implement a recycling energy programme. They also have special marine and land zones to protect wildlife. 


Bhutan is the only destination in the world that proudly carries the title ‘Carbon Negative Country’, following which the nation has strict travel restrictions. Travellers visiting Bhutan must have an approved tour operator who will take care of all their travel in the country.

Tourists must also pay a daily tariff during the low season. Part of this daily tariff goes towards the ‘sustainable tourism’ royalty, which is used to build the tourism infrastructure and work towards the country’s free healthcare and education.

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According to their official tourism slogan ‘Powered by Nature’, the Norwegian government introduced Sustainable Norway 2015 to increase awareness on eco-friendly tourism.

Norway plays a key role in sustainability efforts by prompting companies to think and act in keeping the environmental effects in mind. They work systematically on managing tourism without affecting the wildlife and local area in a sustainable manner.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a frontrunner in renewable electricity resources and conserves about a third of its national territory. The high coastlines are a huge draw for tourists. This is why the country was one of the first to commit to sustainable tourism, adamant on protecting the homeland to almost 5% of global biodiversity.

While visiting Costa Rica might be difficult right now, consider saving up or take a travel loan to experience this versatile and beautiful country in the future.

New Zealand

Qualmark NZ is a New Zealand’s industry regulator that aims to preserve the country’s eco-friendly tourism while providing a superior experience to travellers. Visitors are encouraged to use Qualmark accredited businesses that engage in sustainability activities such as energy efficiency, water conservation, waste management, environment conversation, and supporting the local community.

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Final thoughts

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