Longing to bask in the sun by the beach and take a swim in cool clear waters? Australia is home to some of the most stunning shorelines in the world that make it a must-visit for beach lovers! Planning to take a vacation to Australia? Spend a relaxing day at these picture-perfect beaches in the country.

1. Bondi Beach

Australia’s cultural hub, Bondi Beach is frequented by tourists and locals all year round. Visit Bondi in the morning for a swim and then head to a café on the beach for a mouth-watering breakfast. If you’re looking to spend a day relaxing, swim in the turquoise blue waters here and take a sun bath after for the best experience.

Bondi Beach

2. Whitehaven Beach

As the name suggests, the Whitehaven beach is popular for its impossibly white sand, which is as soft as silk. The fine texture of the sand produces a squeaky sound when you walk on it. With the crystal clear deep blue water, this beach is a sight for sore eyes. Spend a lazy day by yourself at this picturesque beach.

Whitehaven Beach

3. Wineglass Bay

Located in Tasmania, this clam-shaped beach is surrounded by mesmerising pink granite cliffs. The turquoise blue waters host several activities such as snorkelling, kayaking and hiking in the surrounding national park.

Wineglass Bay

4. 75 Mile Beach

The expansive coastline of the 75 Mile Beach is known for its splendid views of the ocean. It is frequented by tourists that wish to catch a glimpse of the splendid sunset. However, it is not the beach you go to for a swim, due to high currents and Tiger Shark population.

75 Mile Beach

5. Cable Beach

The Cable beach is famous for its golden-sand shoreline and lovely sunsets. Its position on the west coast of the country makes it the perfect spot for admiring the setting sun. What makes this beach unique is that you can admire these views while sitting atop a camel! If you visit the beach between the months of March and October, you can witness the ‘Staircase to the Moon’ phenomenon, when the radiance of the full moon is so intense that it castes glowing ripples on the ocean waters.

Cable Beach

6. Burleigh Beach

If you’re a surfing enthusiast, the Burleigh Beach offers beautiful high waves in one corner, and calm water on the other end. You can indulge in surfing and other water sports like snorkelling, kayaking and scuba diving. From seabirds to dolphins and humpback whales, you can catch a glimpse of its rich local wildlife.

Burleigh Beach

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