There are few things more romantic than a picnic on the beach. Scented candles, gentle waves and a beautiful sunset. It’s no wonder beaches are such popular honeymoon destinations. Every new couple looking to get away from it all will appreciate this. Here are some of the best honeymoon beach destinations in the USA today.

1. Honolulu – Oahu

The capital of Hawaii, Oahu brings the bustle of a metropolitan to the serenity of the sea. There is a gorgeous coastline, and a breathtaking amount of culture. You can visit the soaring Iolani Palace, or the USS Arizona Memorial at World War 2 Valour in the Pacific National Monument. There are lavish resorts that line upright on the white sand beaches, making Oahu a picturesque and unique honeymoon experience.

Honolulu - Oahu

2. Carmel Beach

Carmel Beach, California, has a rustic kind of elegance. With quaint inns, white sand beaches and many local restaurants and tasting rooms, it offers newlyweds the kind of small seaside town experience that is hard to find. The gorgeous Ocean Avenue has some great shopping options, and the sunsets along the beach are a once in a lifetime sight.

Carmel Beach

3. Kauai

The Kauai island of Hawaii is for the more adventurous couple. It offers a wealth of hiking, trekking, and many hidden wonders that can only be accessed on foot. The resorts are of a more rural kind and are guaranteed to only bring you closer together. Kauai is a rare natural beauty, the oldest island in Hawaii.


4. Sanibel Island

Sanibel Island is a quiet offshoot of Fort Myers and is very low key and laid back. The Periwinkle Way galleries, restaurants and shops all speak of seclusion, a community living at its own pace and in no rush. There are seashells everywhere, one might even call them Sanibel’s trademark.

Sanibel Island

5. Lanai

Lanai is considered Hawaii’s most sought-after real estate, with billionaires all over the world vying to buy land here. This wedge of paradise can only be described as otherworldly, with its exotic rock formations, remote beaches and underwater reefs. Some of the best sites need a strong heart and adventurous mind also some trekking equipment – to reach. The hotels are some of the best in the world, with amazing food and incredible service. They also offer a range of activities, like deep-sea fishing and lawn bowling.


6. Cannon Beach

Cannon beach can only be described as charming, with its multitudes of inns and lodges. Each is unique, with soaking tubs and romantic dinners by a fireplace. There are sea caves and a waterfall at Hug Point that the adventure lovers can try to visit.

Cannon Beach

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