You are not alone if you crave a break from the monotony the year 2020 has forced upon us. But, all is not lost! 2021 is already here with fourteen opportunities to unwind with long weekends. Here is a list of long weekends in 2021.

  • January 1st (Friday-New Year) to 3rd (Sunday)
  • January 14th (Friday-Makar Sankranti) to 17th (Sunday)
  • January 23rd (Saturday), 24th and 26th (Tuesday-Republic Day)
  • February 13th (Saturday), 14th and 16th (Tuesday-Vasant Panchami)
  • March 11th (Thursday-Maha Shivratri), 13th and 14th (Sunday)
  • March 27th (Saturday) to 29th (Monday-Holi)
  • April 2nd (Friday-Good Friday) to 4th (Sunday)
  • May 13th (Thursday-Eid ul Fitr), 15th and 16th (Sunday)
  • July 10th (Saturday) to 12th (Monday-Rath Yatra)
  • July 17th (Saturday), 18th and 20th (Tuesday-Bakra Eid)
  • August 28th (Saturday) to 30th (Monday-Janmashtami)
  • September 10th (Friday-Ganesh Chaturthi) to 12th (Sunday)
  • October 15th (Friday-Dussehra) to 17th (Sunday)
  • November 19th (Friday-Guru Nanak Jayanti) to 21st (Sunday)

Now that you have this calendar open in front of you plan various fun activities to embrace these long weekends in 2021, such as:

Visiting loved ones: The lockdown has left many of us stranded and away from our family and friends. So, take this opportunity and spend time with your loved ones. What better way to celebrate a festival than with your near and dear ones?

Planning weekend getaways: That elusive weekend trip plan which did not come to fruition in 2020, can be made now. If money is your concern, look for a low interest and affordable travel loan. Treat yourself to a getaway and splurge on any of the extended weekends in 2021.

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Finish your to-do list: This might seem quite boring, but we all have been guilty of postponing our chores. Take this time to tick off a major chunk of your to-do list, whether it is doing your laundry, paying your bills, or cleaning your home. A tidy space is sure to clear up your mind for the week ahead.

Adventure sports: Whether you are an adrenaline junkie or wish to get out of your comfort zone, adventure sports are a great way to charge-up on holiday. From hardcore activities like bungee jumping and river rafting to mellow but equally thrilling options like camping and sailing, choose to do something different and create new memories.

Spend the day indoors: Open the book you have always wanted to read, binge watch your favorite movies or shows, or simply spend the day in bed and indulge in some me-time. Let this long weekend 2021 be your chance to unwind and relax.

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