Running since 1987, the Galway International Arts Festival is one of the most awaited events in Ireland. The festival is hosted in Galway which is considered to be the festival capital of Ireland. The 2020 international festival is 43rd in a row and is set to take place between the 13th and 26th of July.

Galway festival is a primary destination for lovers of different forms of arts like music, theatre, comedy, literature, and visual arts. There are participants from across the globe like Ireland, Asia, Africa, Australia, America, and Europe. The Galway festival is a place of nirvana for all art admirers and a must-visit for travel enthusiasts.

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should attend the Galway International Arts Festival 2020:

1. Exceptional food

Galway Festival 2020

Not only is art an attraction at the Galway festival, but the food served there is also par excellence. Award-winning food is offered at the festival courtesy Oscar’s Seafood Bistro, Ard Bia, Secret Garden café, Aniar and Loam restaurants. The options vary across seafood, desserts, salads, and lots more. It is a must-visit place for food and travel bloggers.

2. History packed visit

Galway Festival Ireland

The trip to Galway International Arts Festival is packed with historical tales and stories. The city of Galway is a medieval township that has a lot to narrate to its visitors. The major tourist attractions from the history here are the Spanish Arch, St. Nicholas church from the 13th Century and the gargoyle waterspouts.

3. Quintessential location

Ireland festival capital

Galway’s location is away from the urbanities of modern Ireland. The city is located along the great Atlantic, making it picturesque as well as authentic. The place offers different types of landscapes like beachside, islands, cliffs and lunar-like scenery.

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4. Variety of artists

Galway Festival Ireland 2020

The art festival is a haven of exceptionally talented people who are nothing less than perfect in their respective genres. The artists and performers come from different parts of the world, making the festival more vibrant and contemporary. You can choose to witness the culture of different locations based on what they showcase. The Irish singer Sinead O’Connor is the star highlight if this festival.

5. The audience

Galway Festival Ireland 2020

The success of every event or festival lies in the people who attend and appreciate it. Galway International Arts Festival is attended by a wide variety of people from all walks of life and different interests. The city is always full of locals and tourists who contribute to the culture and tradition of this place. The locals are extremely helpful, friendly and always ready to have an interesting conversation over a pint of beer or coffee.

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Attending the Galway Festival is a life-time experience that every traveller must have. However, traveling to Ireland can be a little expensive. But thankfully, Tata Capital travel loans provide quick money with minimal documentation so that nothing stops you from exploring the world. 

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