When you want to be one with nature but also don’t want to give up on the luxuries of a hotel, choose to go glamorous camping or glamping! Fervently follow travel posts on Instagram? Then you must have seen elaborate tents, pods and luxurious treehouses that you can rent. Glamping, a new fad these days is all the rage.

The snow-covered Swiss Alps provide a great setting for glamping. Here are the best glamping sites you can check out in Switzerland.

Wallis Collection

Located in Lötschental, the Wallis Collection offers you an exquisite village experience. It is situated within a farm. So, get ready to mingle with cows and sheep. There are also multiple trails from the site for trekking enthusiasts. You can experience true glamping here with a two-bedroom tent complete with a dining area, kitchen, living room and an elaborate bathroom.


Imagine surrounded by white snow as far as your eye can see and sitting inside a white igloo sipping coffee as you take in the sights. This is exactly the experience you will get at Whitepod. Well, you will not be inside an actual igloo but an eco-friendly white tent that closely resembles one. 

One of the oldest glamping sites in Switzerland, these pods are located at Les Giettes in the Valais. Whitepod comes with all the luxuries of a hotel – a fully functional shower with bathroom, a stove and a comfortable large bed. 

The Anako Lodge

The Anako Lodge was created by restoring traditional alpine mountain huts that were going to be demolished. These wooden huts take sustainability very seriously. All produce here is locally sourced to reduce carbon footprint. Situated in Valais, you get to see stunning valleys, soul-stirring landscapes and crystal-clear lakes here. Nature is just the way God created it. 

Mongolian Yurts

Located in Rochers de Naye, this glamping site gives you the Mongolian experience right in the heart of Switzerland. These yurts are styled with Mongolian art and furnishings. Located at 2000 meters above sea level, this site offers some of the best views of Switzerland. You can directly look into the sparkling Lake Geneva from your room!

La Pinte du Vieux Manoir 

A truly unique experience, La Pinte du Vieux Manoir will help you relive your childhood memories with its Glass Diamond Treehouse. Located right on the lakeshore in the Canton of Fribourg, this is a treehouse entirely made of glass panels to give you a panoramic view of untouched nature. On one side, you can see the captivating Lake Murten, while on the other side, the lush green trees.

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Pack your bags. The Swiss Alps beckons.

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