They say that a good friend knows all your best stories, but a best friend has lived them with you. A travel plan with your best friends can be the best story of your life. However; every person is different, and it is these differences that lead to conflict between people. Even if it is your best friend you are making your itinerary planner with, consider the following tips while planning a vacation to ensure a fun-filled and memorable trip:

Choose your travel buddy wisely

You may enjoy the company of your best friend for a few hours, but spending several days with them non-stop is a different ball game. Your football buddies are your soul mates for those 90 minutes, but do you share common interests outside soccer and would you enjoy his or her company in a variety of different situations? A night owl and a morning lark, a vegan and a carnivore or a stickler for the plan and a spontaneous person can be best friends, but staying several days in the same hotel room can become a challenge for them, even for an experienced trip planner.

Eliminate travel uncertainties

Try to get the commitments of your best friends at the earliest so that the travels and stays can be booked in advance. While traveling in groups, cancellations and dropouts often lead to charges and penalties, apart from increasing the per person share for the remaining travelers. This upsets the overall budget of the remaining friends. Therefore, make sure that all interested friends show up at the airport eventually.

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Understand each other and adjust

You have to understand each other’s budget constraints, travel expectations, tastes and preferences. It will eventually help you during your vacation. You will know that one of your friends may not be able to afford an expensive dinner while another would prefer a trip to the museum instead of being forced into a sky diving adventure. Someone may want to rely on a travel guide or tourist guide while another may want to be his or her own vacation planner or journey planner. Knowing each other’s preferences and tastes helps you plan a perfect vacation that is equally enjoyable for you and your friends.

Get some “me time”

No matter how much fun you have together, you must get some time for yourself and spend some time alone. Taking a break from each other let you relax and rejuvenate for the next day adventures and activities.

Communicate and connect

You have to remember that this trip is supposed to have collective memories and shared experiences. Make sure you guys set aside all distractions and make the most of the time together. You should also communicate freely about happenings and decisions. Early and open communication makes sure that there are no grievances or disputes between friends.

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Follow these tips and plan the perfect vacation with your BFFs. And if budget is a constraint for any of you, personal loan for travel from Tata Capital is there to help. Hope you enjoy the best of times with the best of your friends!

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