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#PlanYourWedding Chapter 1.2 - Top 5 Reasons You Should Consider a Destination Wedding

Aug 23, 2017

Who hasn't dreamt of having a fancy destination wedding? If you are tying the knot, where to get married may be your biggest concern right now. You’ll be happy to know that destination weddings are a genuinely viable option. And here are some reasons why you must consider a destination wedding:

1. You can pick your dream destination

Pick the dream destination you've always wanted to go with your partner—a place that means something special to the two of you. Who likes cramped and congested wedding halls anyway? Make your wedding memorable with a place of your choice, and avail of a simple personal loan to take your mind off the cost worries.

2. You control your guest list

A typical wedding is a day you share with all the people you love and all the people you have to invite out of obligation. The inherent nature of a destination wedding gives you leverage over your own guest list. You don't have short meaningless pleasantries with a million people over a day; instead you get a chance to truly interact with all your loved ones over a longer period of time. Plan a destination wedding and spend some quality time with your loved ones!

3. They're cost effective

This one is not a joke. A normal wedding, with all the unnecessary fluff attached to it, may end up costing much more especially when you consider the high prices of venues, decorations, and food in the city you live in. Booking even a halfway decent venue in a metropolitan city might end up costing about the same as your whole destination wedding at a small beach or a hill station. Weddings in some of the more popular destinations are cost effective with multiple packages to choose from. Availing of a wedding loan will keep you away from the immediate financial burden so that you may enjoy your special day in complete peace.

4. It can double as a vacation

Your wedding may double as a vacation for all your close friends and family. Most hotels negotiate when you stay with a large group. Additional bonus—you may even start your honeymoon early. You may pick a perfect place and carry forward the excitement of your wedding to your honeymoon!

5. It is memorable

Your wedding will definitely be memorable for you no matter how you choose to get married. However, you and your guests will part with fond memories if you choose to opt for a destination wedding. Your wedding will be unique and out of the ordinary.

As the idea of destination weddings is getting more acceptable, some popular places offer packages for a perfect wedding at a variety of rates. You may choose the package you like the most or even plan your own wedding. With multiple packages, and marriage loan options to choose from; your destination wedding is no more a faraway dream. Go ahead and plan your dream wedding stress-free!

If you are still wondering about the perfect place for your special day, don’t forget to read the next instalment of this series about the most beautiful places for your destination wedding.

#PlanForWedding Chapter 1.3 – Most Beautiful Places in the World For Your Destination Wedding

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#PlanForTravel Chapter 1.2 - Top 5 Adventurous Treks around the World

Aug 22, 2017

Trekking is no easy job and it can also get quite expensive. However, if endurance, perseverance, and a will to complete the mission that you are on, are your strengths, here are the top five adventure treks that you should consider conquering.

1. Everest Base Camp, Nepal

Have you ever wanted to look at the world from a height of over 5,000 meters? With this trek, you can. The Everest Base Camp is located at Kala Pattar which is about 5,545 feet or 18,193 feet above sea level. The trek attracts many people, some of whom even avail of a personal loan to complete this three-week trek. After this trek, you will be able to boast about reaching the base of the world's highest peak. However, do remember that since the base camp is located at such a height, trekking here is no easy task and it is necessary to take precautions before starting your demanding trek.

2. Inca Trail, Peru

The Inca Trail is a 33 km long trek and is one of the most popular trekking trails in South America. It starts from the Sacred Valley and winds up at the Machu Picchu, the site of ancient Inca ruins and a UNESCO World Heritage site. While on this route, you will pass through three mountain passes, amazing cloud forests, and the ruins of a civilization gone by.

3. The Haute Route, France and Switzerland

The Haute Route spans two countries i.e. France and Switzerland. It begins from Chamonix in France and ends at Zermatt in Switzerland. This trek takes around two weeks to complete and has two different routes depending on whether it's summer or the winter. The entire trek passes through some of the most scenic places in the country.

However, it also demands a huge amount of physical fitness as this trek mainly involves pass hoping. For this trip, do ensure that the visa provisions, travel loans, and other requirements are done well before in advance. It is no secret that travel can be expensive, so, if you are considering availing of a loan for traveling, tune into the next article to know why it is the right option for you.

4. GR20, France

Another one of the toughest treks in the world, the GR20 takes around 15 days to complete. It joins Calenzana which is in Balagne to Conca which is located in the North of Porto Vecchio. The trek passes through a variety of landscapes like snow capped mountains, lakes, forests, peat bogs, plains, and more.

5. Overland Track, Australia

The Overland Track is a five to six-day trek to Tasmania. As you move on to this wilderness almost at the end of the continent, you will pass mountains, lakes, passes, moorlands, forests, and a whole lot more!

So now that you have read about the above places, start preparing for your trekking expedition.

And if you wish to take a little break from this activity, why not check out some other destinations in the world that are beautiful but underrated. Await the next article about a list of such places.

#PlanForTravel Chapter 1.3 - The Top 5 Underrated and Beautiful Destinations

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#PlanYourFestivals Chapter 1.2 - 4 Auspicious Festivals for Making Big Purchases

Aug 21, 2017

India is a land of festivals, as there are numerous festivals celebrated by people of different religions. Festivals are considered to be an auspicious period for starting something new. Investments are made in real estate, gold, electrical appliances, and jewelry, among many others. The religious calendar has numerous festivals that are considered as auspicious days to make investments. Following are four of them.

1. Dussehra

The nine day festival of Navratri comes to an end with the grand celebration of Dussehra. This day is considered as one of the most auspicious days for beginning new ventures, as any venture that is started on Dussehra is believed to be successful. People also make investments in a new house, buy a new vehicle, or start a business on this pious day. The day of Dussehra is believed to bring ‘Vijay’, i.e. victory, and hence any investment made during this time is considered to be favorable.

2. Akshay Tritiya

Akshay Tritiya, also known as Akha Teej, is a popular festival among the Hindus and Jains. Considered as one of the most auspicious days in the Hindu community, it marks the beginning of the Treta Yuga. It is believed that buying gold during this festival ensures eternal wealth and prosperity. As a result, the sale of gold increases manifolds during Akshay Tritiya.

3. Ganesh Chaturthi

Ganesh Chaturthi marks the birth of Lord Ganesha. People immerse Ganesha idols in water, and conduct pujas on a grand scale. With the arrival of Lord Ganesha, individuals believe that making investments on this day will bring a positive outcome for their investment. For this reason, you may look forward to buying a new house or investing in a new property during this time. Financial institutions offer personal loans or home loans if you need financing to buy a home.

4. Dhanteras

The festival of Dhanteras falls in the month of Ashwin and is celebrated on the 13th lunar day of the Hindu calendar. This festival signifies wealth and prosperity, and hence you may choose to invest in gold bars and jewelry. You could also purchase gold coins, silver jewelry, as well as make investments in properties and other avenues. New clothes, utensils, and other items for Diwali are also purchased on this auspicious occasion.

Investing in gold, real estate, electronic appliances, or a new vehicle is a huge financial decision. There are numerous financial institutions such as banks and Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs) that offer attractive personal loan interest rates. With such competitive interest rates, the overall amount to be repaid becomes less, thus helping you save a significant amount of money.

You may also choose a lender offering attractive loan terms such as low fees and charges, minimal documentation, lenient eligibility criteria, and customized repayment plans, among others. You may use a personal loan calculator to help you determine the installment amount, thus helping you manage your finances better.

Now that you know the best festivals for shopping, you should plan your shopping accordingly.

Stay tuned for the next article in this series to know what to keep in mind before going shopping.

#PlanForFestivals Chapter 1.3 - 5 Things to Keep in Mind before Going Shopping this Festive Season

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