Weddings are the most important days in the lives of the bride and groom and their families. Indian weddings are typically three to four-day events. It’s no secret that a lot of money goes into a Big Fat Indian Wedding – as they are famously called. Some want a lavish wedding, while many just want an intimate one. It is said that an average Indian spends one-fifth of their accumulated lifetime wealth on marriage.

These days young brides and grooms want a memorable wedding and take charge of wedding preparations so that everything is according to their taste. So most festivities are customised, from wedding invitations to the theme and decor. Some even want to save the burden of running around, so they hire wedding planners who come with an additional cost. Destination weddings have become the latest trend, which further adds to the expenses.

From funding their start-ups to their weddings, the new generation is an independent one.

The million-dollar question would be – how to raise money for your wedding?

A personal loan for a wedding is a viable option to finance all wedding expenses. Earlier, when parents used to fall short of funds, they would borrow money from lenders or family members to ensure their children had the lavish wedding of their dreams.

However, now, individuals can take a personal loan, which answers how to raise money for a wedding. Securing a personal loan for a wedding will not require any collateral, and one can take a loan amount that suits their liking based on their repayment ability.

With this loan, one can easily fund the wedding without making monetary sacrifices. They can choose a suitable venue, pamper the guests with good hospitality, and have a lavish buffet with different cuisines. Most importantly, they can enjoy all the festivities just as they had always dreamed of.

Easy ways to get a personal loan for a wedding

Opt for an online loan

This would mean applicants can save time by avoiding running around to get the loan approved and complete the documentation. The time could instead be utilised in wedding preparations. One can also compare different lenders and opt for the one that best suits their financial plans, like less interest, longer tenure, etc. Online loans get approved instantly, and the loan amount gets deposited in the applicant’s account.

Go for an unsecured loan

Some still follow the primitive way of borrowing money from a private lender by offering collateral. Gone are those days as now banks and financial institutions offer personal loans for marriage with very little documentation. So there is no need to risk personal assets and focus more on the wedding.

Pre-approved loan

One needs to have a good credit score and a good track record with credits or repayment of loans. No documentation is required for a pre-approved loan and the amount can reach the applicant’s account with just one click.

Eligibility and loan amount

Try to find a lender with simple terms for eligibility and be willing to sanction a loan amount that matches your expectations. Sometimes the loan may be rejected if eligibility criteria are not met. You should have a good credit score for a loan to fund your wedding.

Other factors determining the eligibility are the age of the applicant should be between 21 to 58 years. Such a person should have a salary of Rs 15,000 and above.

Advantages of a wedding loan

  • The biggest advantage of a marriage loan is its flexibility. This means you can pay more when you can afford it. The initial EMI can be lower, keeping in mind that a lot of expenditure must have happened during a wedding.
  • The entire loan process requires a minimum amount of paperwork. A better way would be to apply online. This will save time, and the process will be speedy and convenient. This way, more time can be spent planning the wedding rather than worrying about how to raise money for your wedding.
  • In some financial institutions like Tata Capital, repayment can be made at no additional cost. The wedding can be planned without any budget constraints.
  • No security (collateral) is asked for a marriage loan, and the interest rate is also not high. This will again depend on your credit record, and a good relationship with a bank or financial institution might help.
  • There is no need to sell assets or exit investments.

Disadvantages of taking a wedding loan

  • The credit score needs to be suitable only for attractive internet rates.
  • An additional burden for repaying the loan. One needs to keep aside a certain amount for EMI every month. This might impact the monthly budget.
  • A personal loan for marriage does not offer payment protection. The amount with interest has to be repaid.
  • Marriage loans may result in overspending. Weddings might turn out to be more expensive than planned.


A Tata Capital personal loan from Tata Capital for a wedding is a good idea, but before availing it, one should understand its benefits and implications. Weddings are an auspicious and significant event in a person’s life. It should be enjoyed rather than worrying about how to raise money for your wedding.

A personal loan for marriage can be applied online through Tata Capital at attractive interest rates and with a hassle-free experience. Get in touch today!

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