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How Tata Capital's Belief - 'We Only do What's Right for You (Customer)', Helps You?

Mar 01, 2017

Coming from the Tata group, there is not need to give any introduction to Tata capital. The 'Tata' brand itself is synonymous with trust and reliability. It is this idea of trust that led to formation of Tata Capital in 2007. The aim was to create an efficient, transparent and robust financial solutions provider that could actually help people realize their dreams, no matter how small or large.

Now Tata capital is built around the belief 'we only do what's right for you (customer)'. This means that for the company, customers' interest come before anything else And the company provides financial solutions that are 'right' for customers and society at large. So after just 9 years of operation, the company is present in financial products that cater to the diverse needs of retail, corporate and institutional customers across businesses.

Consumer finances is one of the important verticals for the customer and important for normal people like you.

You want to purchase a car? We have car loans. You want to purchase a house? No issues. We have home loans. Do you want to shift your existing home loan with us due to our competitive rates? That is possible too. Need unrestricted access to additional funds? We have you covered with our personal loans.

So whatever be your requirement, we are here for you and have a product for you. Like many other companies, we don't try to squeeze the maximum profits from our customers. Infact, we try to tailor our solutions according to their needs. For example - we offer flexible EMI option where a borrower can decide how to schedule their loan repayments. They can choose to increase (flexi step up EMI) or decrease (flexi step down) their EMIs. Then the rates offered by Tata Capital are very competitive as compared to other players.

So this is how this company backed by Tata brand is trying to help consumers realize their dreams.