A financial advisor once said, “Do not fret a little debt.”

Simply put, a well-planned financial aid can help you in many ways. There can be instances where an unforeseen expenditure might fall in your way. In such cases, applying for a personal loan is very helpful.

Last year marked the onset of an unfortunate pandemic; the unprecedented lockdown took a major toll on the economy. This left many of us in a financial crunch, and several people exhausted their savings to survive through the months that followed.

However, in the face of adversity, one of the leading financial institutions of India – Tata Capital, extended special loan schemes to ensure capital assistance.

Given our long and strong history of monetary assistance and aids to countless individuals – Tata Capital personal loans witnessed a significant rise over the past few months.

Learn more about our personal finance offering

We offer personal finance tailored to various people’s needs and budgets. Our affordable personal loan interest rates starting at just 10.99% makes us one of the most popular lending institutions in the market today.

Here, a borrower can apply for personal finance starting from Rs 75,000 going up to Rs 25 Lakhs by simply applying online on our website. They can also walk into any one of our branches as we accept loan applications offline as well. Applicant’s don’t have to pledge any collateral to bag personal finance from us.

Our personal credit or loan options come with relaxed personal loan eligibilitycriteria and are available for every salaried as well as a self-employed individual. Now, you don’t have to worry about a cash crunch for your big-ticket expenditures in 2021. Further, the loan amount can be put to unrestricted use for your big plans of the year.

Here are some of the best ways you can use your personal finance amount

Travel the world

It has been a stressful past year! So, plan a trip to your favourite destination to relax and unwind with our personal finance offerings.

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Invest in education

Everyone deserves a quality education. With personal finance by Tata Capital, you can grab the most rewarding opportunities to study in your dream institutions worldwide.

Health is wealth

A medical crisis can happen anytime, even when you are not prepared to check off the hefty hospital bills. Our fast processing of personal finance can come in very handy during unforeseen medical emergencies.


No amount of savings is ever sufficient for a big, fat Indian wedding! Our personal finance option can come to your rescue to make every wedding plan materialise.

Home renovations

Renovate and refurbish your home to add that oomph factor as you entertain your guests during the 2021 festive season. Avail great offers with our personal finance and revamp your home!

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Parting thoughts

As you can see, there is not much that Tata Capital’s personal finance can’t help you with! Our offerings allow easy repayment through flexible EMIs over a convenient tenure of 12-72 months. Before applying, we also invite you to use our personal loan EMI calculator to calculate the right figures for your 2021 expenses.

To learn more, log onto our website today!

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