Doing Up Your Bedroom? A Personal Loan Could Help

Feb 28, 2017

Rishab and Riya sold their old house and all their old furniture as well. When they moved into their brand-new house, they wanted everything to be new. They did not know that furnishing the bedroom alone would empty their wallets. Indeed, furnishing a bedroom can be quite a task. But the job becomes easier when you have the resources and the finances. Rishab and Riya learnt this when they decided to take a personal loan to renovate their bedroom. It was a decision they never regretted.

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Why do you need a personal loan to furnish your bedroom?

A bedroom is the most important room of the house. It is the place where you relax and unwind after a hard day's work. So, it needs to be perfect. When you buy bedroom furniture, you have to keep aesthetics in mind. But the biggest priority must be comfort. Unfortunately, bedroom sets that are comfortable and fashionable can be quite expensive. But if you take a personal loan, the price tags will not affect your finances too much.

The costs of furnishing a bedroom

Here is a look at the average prices of popular bedroom furniture.

Furniture item Price in Rs
King-sized bed 40,000
Wardrobe 60,000
Dressing table 20,000
Armchair with ottoman 10,000
TV stand 15,000

As you can see, the prices of bedroom furniture are rather high. If you were to dip into your savings to buy all this furniture, it would burn a hole in your pocket. Besides, many people do not have ready savings to fund such an expensive job. For example, Rishab and Riya have been short on cash ever since they bought the new house. What is the solution in that case? Well, it is very simple. All they have to do is get a personal loan.

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Taking a personal loan

Before you take a personal loan for a bedroom renovation project, make sure you have a budget in place. Remember, personal loans could be expensive. So, you should only borrow as much as you need.

Chalk out a plan and see what you need to buy. Get estimates for painting and repair costs. Figure out how much you have to pay labourers. Finally, list any other possible costs that may arise. Once that is done and you have a budget in hand, apply for a personal loan. If your credit score is good and you are in a comfortable position to repay the loan, approval will be quick. The personal loan will provide you with the right kind of assistance at the right time.


Opt for a personal loan if you need to do up your bedroom. Go with all guns blazing when renovating it. You do not have to stress about the costs if you can manage your finances carefully. Keep these tips here in mind and your job will become much simpler.