The countdown to the festival of lights has begun. The markets are brimming with shoppers trying to wrap up their Diwali purchases on time. But, along with shopping for sweets, clothes, and home decor, another type of shopping has gained prominence with a few people. We’re talking about shopping for financial investments.

If you’re not yet considering investing during Diwali, know that creating a corpus of investments this time of year makes a tonne of sense. For starters, several companies launch new investment schemes, while many others offer hefty discounts on fixed-return products like gold.

Additionally, many sectors also announce positive news about certain companies within those sectors. So, if you invest in them through mutual funds or stocks a little before Diwali, you can potentially enjoy good returns in a short time.

Want to pick the right investment basket for yourself this Diwali? Keep reading this blog to do so.

Which Investments to Pick This Diwali?

Here are the top 5 investments you should consider this time of year:

1. Stocks

An evergreen instrument to earn significant returns during Diwali, stocks in 2022 can reap high returns. No wonder many investors purchase stocks for their children and other family members. Anyway, Diwali and the days leading up to it are considered auspicious and, therefore, an opportune time to invest in this instrument.

There are no such thing as ideal Diwali stocks 2022. Depending on your investment horizon, returns expectations and risk appetite, you can either invest in large, mid or small-cap funds. You can also opt for a mixed bag if you want a stable portfolio without compromising on returns.

It’s also a good idea to invest through small cases – professionally managed baskets of stocks or exchange traded funds (ETFs) designed to reflect a market theme or investment plan.

Either way, you will come across abundant options for Diwali Stocks 2022.

2. Gold Mutual Funds

A popular Diwali investment, gold mutual funds are just the right purchase during festive season. These funds invest, directly or indirectly, in gold reserves. In fact, these funds also protect investors against market volatility while creating wealth for them.

Sometimes, gold mutual fund returns might surpass those of the actual metal, offering investors an excellent opportunity for wealth creation. The best part is that you don’t need to spend big bucks to begin your investment. You can start investing in gold mutual funds for as low as Rs. 100.

3. Mutual Funds and SIPs

Individuals can benefit from stocks that go up during Diwali indirectly by investing in mutual funds. This instrument pools funds from different investors to purchase stocks, shares and securities.

Depending on your risk appetite and financial aspirations, you can invest in either debt-linked mutual funds or equity-linked mutual funds. Most investors invest in both equity and debt-linked stocks that go up during Diwali through mutual funds.

4. Real Estate Mutual Funds

Investing in stocks that rise during Diwali is possible with top-performing real estate mutual funds. This is an especially excellent option for investors who are unable or unwilling to invest in real estate directly.

These funds invest in the stocks of real estate companies – commercial, residential, and corporate properties. These schemes allow investors to diversify across properties instead of being limited to just one or two.

6. Bonds

Not sure if you want to invest in mutual funds or stocks on Diwali? Worry not! You can always go the low-risk-return route by investing in bonds that invest in government securities. These offer modest returns and are a better investment than shares and mutual funds for risk-averse investors.

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