In the past few years, an investment instrument that has garnered extreme popularity is mutual funds (MF). And rightly so! This offers perhaps one of the most handsome returns amongst different financial instruments. Thus, both first-time and seasoned investors are now putting their hard-earned money into mutual funds.

But while investing in mutual funds, you must think about long-term strategies for maximum gain. After all, your money needs a longer time frame to grow and fulfil your financial goals. And to create a sound investment strategy for the long run, you must do your homework and study the market performance of the constituent securities and more.

Let us dive deep into the world of mutual funds and look at some strategies to help you get the most out of a long-term investment.

How to create a long-term portfolio

Step 1 – Define your ‘long-term’

Firstly, the definition of ‘long-term’ can differ for different people and is based on an individual’s goals. Moreover, there are various types of long-term investments out there. So, start by defining what ‘long-term’ means for you.

Ask yourself, what are your investment objectives or goals. For instance, are you planning a portfolio for your retirement? Or, do you wish to save for your child’s education? Having a clear time frame and objective will also determine how much funds you require.

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Step 2 – Assess your risk tolerance

Before investing your wealth in any avenue, assess the risk levels of the medium and your risk capacity. Remember, investments are never without any risks, but you should be aware of your financial standing and know the risks beforehand.

To stay in the game for an extended period, you must be comfortable with the market risks involved and willing to face any outcome.

Step 3 – Study the track records of MF schemes

Now, to create a long-term strategy and make the most out of mutual funds, you have to examine the track record of MF schemes. Although the past record does not always guarantee a bright future for the fund, it is crucial to check how the fund manager makes an investment.

Next, you must study the market trends, cycle and investment style of the fund manager to make a sound decision.

Step 4 – Diversify your investments

Here’s a golden rule – always diversify your investments to get the most of your assets. As you know, keeping all your eggs in one basket is not wise. Hence, you must take the safer route of having multiple baskets by investing in different schemes and categories. Pick funds that have varying risk thresholds.

Regardless of your risk appetite, diversification is the best technique to mitigate risks and maximise returns.

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To sum up

When it comes to money, the more you know, the better you can handle it. Therefore, before investing in a long-term MF strategy, research all aspects thoroughly and consult a financial expert.

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