When purchasing a house, you’ll come across several real estate terminologies you may not be familiar with. Carpet area, built-up area, and super built-up area are terms used back and forth to refer to the area occupied by the house. When you go house hunting, you should have clear knowledge of these so you aren’t misled and are able to make a smart decision.

In this article, we understand the difference between carpet area, built-up area and super built-up area.

Carpet Area

As the name suggests, carpet area is the area that is covered by a carpet laid out across the house. The room sizes are often specified in terms of carpet area. This includes all areas – the living room, bedroom, dining room, dressing room, kitchen, bathrooms, stores, balconies, and any other room or area that are generally used by people. It is worthy to note that the carpet area does not include external and internal walls, common areas, or terraces. This is the most important terminology as it tells you the usable space in your home. Simple math will make it clear that if your room is 5m x 6m then your carpet area will equal 30 sq. mt.

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Built-Up Area

The built-up area includes additional spaces to the carpet area. For example, the thickness of the wall. Briefly, this area includes the carpet area, internal and external walls, and utility ducts. This term is comparatively used in fewer instances as opposed to the carpet area. In simple words, the difference between carpet and built-up area is that 25-30% of the carpet area can be assumed to be the latter. Therefore, if your realtor tells you that the built-up area of your apartment or house is 900 sq ft, then it’s safe to say that the total usable area is about 650 sq ft.

Super Built-Up Area

As the name suggests, super built-up area is a little more than the built-up area. For any space that you purchase, there would be certain common areas for which you will be required to pay maintenance. This can include your lift, lobby, staircases, pipe ducts, community centres, and similar spaces. Spaces like roof terraces, parks, gardens, and such are excluded while calculating super built-up area. This area will account for about 25% above your built-up area. It is also the measurement that developers and realtors take into consideration while calculating the final cost of the building.

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In short, it is safe to assume that the proportion of your carpet area vs built-up area vs super built-up area will be 70:20:10.

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