While most investors agree that diversifying their mutual fund investments will reduce the overall unsystematic risks during investments, some prefer to earn better returns through focused mutual funds.

Wondering what focused mutual funds are and how these funds can help you get better returns on your investments? Read on.

What are focused mutual funds?

A focused mutual fund is an equity fund wherein investors invest their capital in a small number of stocks (up to 30 stocks as per SEBI guidelines) of a few companies. The idea is to get higher returns by investing in selected high-performing stocks.

Wondering how investing in limited stocks in specific companies of a given sector can help you get better returns? Let’s take a look at how these mutual funds work in the first place.

How do they work

Even though the SEBI allows investing in only up to 30 stocks at a time, these stocks are usually in high conviction bets. Simply put, the stocks are in companies that can have a high probability of giving good returns in the near future. Additionally, the risks involved in investing limited stocks in a few companies are mitigated by investing in stocks across Large-cap, small-cap and mid-cap segments of a particular sector.

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Advantages of focused mutual funds

Here are a few reasons to invest in focused mutual funds.

• High returns

A focused mutual fund puts capital in only a few select companies of a particular sector that guarantee high returns in the future. This increases the probability of better returns across all bets. In fact, the returns on focused mutual funds are usually higher than diversified equity funds too, given the stocks are not spread out over a large market to minimize the risk of losses.

• Diversification of funds across company sizes

focused mutual funds may involve investing in a few sectors and in selected companies. But portfolio diversification to minimize market risks is possible here too. How? Well, investors have the freedom to invest in mid-cap, small-cap and large-cap companies. They can also split their stocks across companies from all segments as they wish. This lowers the risk of losses posed due to the changing market conditions.

Investor-friendly screening

Since the stocks available for investing are limited, managers handpick companies to invest in after a in-depth analysis to ensure they perform well. This ensures you get better returns on your investments.

Who is a focused mutual fund for?

Given their caveats, focused mutual funds are not for every kind of investor. Here are some types of investors who could make use of these funds.

• Investors who can tolerate investment risks

focused mutual funds can be risky investments given capital invested in a few stocks of selected companies, that too based on the intuition of the fund manager. So, there is scope for losses. If you’re an investor newbie or want more security while investing, avoid investing in focused mutual funds.

Investors with a longer investment horizon

focused equity funds are medium to long term investments. So investors who are willing to wait over five years to see results should invest in them.

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Things to remember before getting a focused mutual fund

  • Being equity funds, the gains are taxed at standard rates for long term and short term capital gains.
  • Get a skilled fund manager before investing in equity funds to ensure you invest in high performing stocks.
  • Tailor your focused fund investment portfolio according to your needs and financial goals.
  • Be aware of the risks involved before investing in a focused mutual fund.

Final word

focused funds are excellent long-term investment options for investors who want high returns and are willing to take significant risks. However, to make the most out of these investments, investors should have a reliable fund manager and have a clear idea of their business objectives. Looking for a single platform to help you manage your investments in one place? Download the Moneyfy app from Tata Capital.

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