Ria and Tia, two sisters from Mumbai, got into a battle of wills over renovating their house. While Ria favoured a Jacuzzi, Tia was hell-bent on making a hot tub the newest addition to the house. Little did they know that both are the same. Their argument ended when Rakesh, their father, cleared their misconception.

What he said…

Jacuzzi and hot tubs can’t be compared because the former is just the brand name of the latter. They can be used interchangeably, just how you use Xerox and photocopy. In either case, once you own it, you can relax your mind and body. After all, a hot water bath works like therapy.

Since the two daughters were keen on adding a dash of opulence to their house, the doting father decided to renovate it. Thanks to a Tata Capital Home Renovation Loan, the task was much smoother.

How a Tata Capital Home Renovation Loan helped

Quick and easy process: Rakesh’s tech-savvy daughters quickly applied for a home renovation loan online on his behalf.

Flexible payment options: The father of two didn’t have to stress about repayments since Tata Capital offers flexible payment and EMI options. Rakesh could even pay through a post-dated cheque.

Minimum documentation: Ria and Tia couldn’t wait to relax in their hot tub. With Tata Capital, Rakesh didn’t have to worry about spending hours in getting all the documents in order. His income and identity proof sufficed.

Just like Rakesh, if you too want to ensure a comfortable and fancy abode for your family, you can opt for a Tata Capital Home Renovation Loan.

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