Homebuyers these days are exploited with an extensive range of choices. In this buyer-driven market, the developers closely monitor the spurting tastes and take prompt action. Such builders hunt every opportunity to introduce a new design that matches with their changing lifestyle. One such development is a builder floor apartment.

What is a builder floor apartment?

A builder floor apartment is a residential unit in low-rise buildings. These buildings generally have two to four floors with apartments of the same configuration. Each floor is an independent unit. The floors can be developed by the builder on his own or in collaboration with the landowner.

Many times, the original owners redevelop an existing structure by adding more floors to a building and sell it to independent people. In metro-cities, the builders retain at-least one floor since the land price accounts for the majority of the property value.

Although skyscrapers leave some people awestruck, there is a growing desire among buyers for independent living. The advent ofbuilder floor apartments has met the needs of those who fancy independent living but are constrained by the high prices. This is an innovative solution to match luxurious lifestyle tastes with feasible prices.

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What are the benefits of a builder floor apartment?

The builder floor apartments are a growing choice among people who crave for independent living. This type of apartments can benefit you in the following ways:

  • These apartments allow you to own independent floors at feasible rates. In comparison to independent bungalows or villas, these apartments are more affordable.
  • The buyers of builder floors have the freedom from paying maintenance or other charges which are mandatory in developer projects with multiple facilities. The buyers only need to opt for facilities they actually use.
  • The original owners of a property can restructure their property into builder floor complexes and sell it to friends, extended family or like-minded people to build their own community.
  • The separation of water, electricity and other charges for each floor avoids disputes. This also ensures that independent owners have more control over their expenses.

Buying abuilder floor apartmentis considered to be a lifestyle choice by many experts. So, if you are looking for a new place, this is just the choice for you. It saves you from the charges paid in developer projects for multiple utilities. You have control over the amenities you need and pay for. Moreover, who doesn’t like an independent lifestyle!

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