Finding a home in a new city can indeed be a challenge, but one, you must be ready for. And, what’s more, nowadays,affordable home loan have made purchasing property simpler than before.

Are you scouting for great destinations to invest in real estate this year? If yes, then check out our list of top places to buy a home.


The garden city of Bengaluru offers a choice ranging from delightful apartment complexes to peaceful suburban villas. Investing in real estate in this city ensures you get a perfect blend of top-notch educational institutes, IT conglomerates and premium healthcare facilities.

Navi Mumbai

Even though affording a home in Mumbai is difficult, Navi Mumbai offers several budget-friendly property options.

Additionally, with the proposed SEZs and Panvel’s to-be international airport, this peripheral town is going to see a humungous boost in employment opportunities and real-estate development. To add to all of this, home loan rates are at an all-time low, given the pandemic. So, if you want a dream house here, now is the time.

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One of the cleanest cities in India, Pune also offers excellent residential real estate options. Brimming with employment opportunities, this town has recorded a remarkable growth in the affordable housing segment located on the outskirts of the city over the past few years.

If you are already trying to figure out the perfect EMI for purchasing a property in Pune, use a home loan EMI calculator to figure out your true affordability.


The entrepreneurial and infrastructural developments have made Ahmedabad an ideal place to buy a home in 2020. The city also has soaring industries in gas, energy, oil, automobiles, etc. which makes people want to invest in residential real estate here.

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If you are looking for housing finance to buy property in Ahmedabad, it is recommended you check your eligibility beforehand, by using an online home loan eligibility calculator.


Believe it or not! Mysuru has a substantial infrastructure with considerably lower living costs. This benefit automatically improves your home loan eligibility, as you don’t need to borrow a hefty amount.

Mysuru often attracts people looking to retire from metropolitan cities or abroad. But, that does not mean, it is lean on the working population. In fact, this city is also an upcoming IT hub, which increases its demand for residential real estate and makes it one of the top places when you can consider buying a home.

Furthermore, since residential real estate is reasonable here, the home loan rates, whether high or low, don’t really thwart your purchase plans.

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The Bottom Line

Purchasing a house is possible anywhere you want but knowing about the top places to buy is not always easy. This is why our list works!

However, wherever you buy a property, you know it does not come cheap, which is why you must avail of housing credit only after figuring out your EMI with the help of an online EMI calculator for home loan. 

Apply with Tata Capital to avail housing finance at flexible repayment tenures, minimal documentation and remarkable home loan interest rates.

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