Buying a house is the culmination of years of saving, planning and manifesting. Hence, making the right choices becomes vital while looking for your dream home. Also, as a prospective buyer, you should consider a home loan as it is a convenient method to fund your next abode.  

Another aspect to keep in mind while house hunting is to look for a reputed builder in your city who can be trusted with high-quality residential flats. Here is a list of some of the top real estate builders in the country.

DLF Limited, Delhi NCR

Delhi Land and Finance has made a formidable name for itself in the real estate market. It is the leading real estate builder in the Delhi NCR region and is behind numerous residential and commercial buildings in the capital.

To finance a DLF property, you can look for a loan at affordable home loan interest rates to make the process easier.

Merlin Group, Kolkata

Over the past three decades, the Merlin group has completed more than 100 projects spread over 500 acres of land across the country. It is one of the leading builders in Kolkata and is behind various residential and industrial construction.

StepsStone Builders, Chennai

StepsStone is a dynamic real estate development company that has constructed some of the best residential properties in Chennai. They ensure excellent quality, innovative design and a smooth customer experience.

Want to buy a StepStone property in Chennai? Take a look at the home loan rates to sort out your finances before selecting your dream house with them.

Mahindra Lifespace, Mumbai

This real estate builder has created its mark in the financial capital of India. With several housing projects in different parts of Mumbai, Mahindra Lifespace has earned a good reputation in the market.

Before financing a property with a home loan in a city like Mumbai, check your home loan eligibility online.

Godrej Properties, Bangalore

Godrej is a trusted name in the country, but did you know it is also a leading real estate builder? It is behind notable housing projects in the IT hub of India and provides luxurious and affordable residential properties.

Prestige Group, Bangalore

Another real estate developer responsible for top residential properties in Bangalore is the Prestige Group. Founded in the year 1986, the Prestige Group is behind some of the most sought after residential properties in the city.

If you are wondering how much loan you will require to buy a luxurious Prestige home, you can use a home loan calculator to come up with an estimate.

Parsvnath Developers, Delhi

This is one of the most prominent names in the real estate market of Delhi since the past 20 years. Famous for its high-tech designs and cost-effective construction, Parsvnath has built a wide range of properties across the capital.

Ansal API, Gurgaon

If you are looking for a luxe yet affordable real estate property in Gurgaon, you must have heard of the Ansal API group. They have built residential properties in many sectors of Gurgaon and the outskirts of Delhi.

Puravankara, Chennai

Another name famous for many residential projects in the southern parts of the country is Puravankara. They keep quality as their top priority and provide pleasing aesthetics in their construction.

You can use a home loan EMI calculator to find out whether you can afford the EMIs for a lavish abode by Puravankara.

Ashiana Housing, Delhi

Ashiana Housing has stood strong in the real estate world since 1979 by constructing some of the most prestigious housing projects in Delhi. They excel at providing a green ambience along with convenient architecture.

Finance your next abode with the assistance of Tata Capital as we provide low-interest rates and easy documentation for housing finance. If you are still unsure about the suitable amount to borrow, then our online EMI calculator for home loan can guide you.

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