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Tata Capital - Success Journey Till Now!

May 19, 2017

With the strong brand credo of 'We only do what's right for you', Tata Capital Limited was established in 2007. It is headquartered in Mumbai and it has registered offices of its subsidiaries in Singapore and London.Tata Capital Limited is a subsidiary of the legendary Tata Sons Limited – an organization with a remarkable history of trust, integrity, and expertise. Tata Capital Limited aims to continue this rich legacy by being a one-stop financial service provider catering to the diverse needs of retail, corporate and institutional customers across businesses. Remaining to its credo, Tata Capital Limited strives to provide transparent and focused financial solutions enabling people and businesses to achieve their dreams. It is a Systemically Important Non-Deposit Accepting Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC) registered with the Reserve Bank of India.

With already 100 branches under its umbrella, Tata Capital Limited is strategically expanding its operations to provide the ‘right’ financial solutions to its customers. Along with delivering superior financial solutions, the company also seeks to build strong relationships with customers and provide excellent and consistent customer service at all times. In order to provide an integrated financial service, Tata Capital Limited offers a range of services for retail, corporate and institutional customers. The B2B financial services of Tata Capital Limited are Commercial Finance, Infrastructure Finance, Leasing Solutions, CleanTech Finance, Private Equity, and Investment Banking. The B2C financial services include Consumer Finance, Home Loans, Loan Against Property, Wealth Management Investment Advisory, Travel, and Forex and Cards.

As a financial service provider, Tata Capital Limited has been treading in the path of commendable success. However, alike any business, Tata Capital Limited also had its share of setback way back in 2008 due to the sub-prime crisis in the United States that was followed by the collapse of Lehman Brothers. But, this setback was short lived as the company was quick to rework its strategies leading to refocus on growing its corporate business rather than its retail segment and focussing on customer service rather than selling products to them. These agile moves helped the company sail through the rough times and redirecting it to being among the top ten non-banking financial services enterprises in India.

Tata Capital Limited is backed by a remarkable web of strategic alliances that assists and fosters the company’s growth and services making it more efficient and reliable. International Finance Corporation (IFC), a member of World Bank Group, Mizuho Securities Co. Ltd., Mizuho Corporate Bank Limited (MHCB), Mitsubishi UFJ Securities Co. Limited, and Century Tokyo Leasing Corporation support Tata Capital Limited in areas of lending and advisory services, business cooperation in private equity, investment banking such cross-border mergers and acquisitions, securities business such as broking and distribution, structured finance and other business areas such as wealth management, promotion of clean technology, and related financial services and products. These alliances have enabled the growth and expansion of the Tata Capital Limited in a significant way.

Along with striving to provide right financial solutions to people and businesses, Tata Capital Limited also believes that corporate sustainability is the cornerstone of a successful business. Hence, it works towards contributing to the society through various social initiatives. In order to encapsulate all developmental aspects of the society and to contribute in a meaningful and positive way, the company focuses on four key areas namely Livelihood and Employment, Health, Education, and Environment.

The success of Tata Capital Limited is not only limited to the company’s growth curve but also to the inclusive growth of its customers, stakeholders, employees, and the society at large. Thus, making it an all-inclusive journey rather than a sole journey of the company!